6 Reasons Why You Should Never Say That You Are a Good Driver


Often, we know of someone who’s a self-proclaimed professional driver, just because they have overtaken an ambulance or sped on a highway. However, there are things that they need to check if they qualify for being a good driver. In reality, we all have our reckless moments. No matter how experienced you are, it’s not unlikely that you get involved in a road accident. Here are 6 habits we’re all guilty of and why we should never claim we’re flawless drivers.

1. Forgetting to Check Driving Speed

Florida’s Department of Highway Safety and Motor Vehicles (FLHSMV) reports that in 2017  speeding was the cause of 426 fatal crashes on Florida’s roads that year, which is evidence of how dangerous it is to drive carelessly or too fast. We can reach our destination regardless of our speed.  If you survive a car accident, it is likely for you to face serious injuries. Some even suffer from permanent disabilities. We cannot be too slow or too careful if we are talking about our safety. If there is no emergency, there is no need to rush; just take your time while driving and keep your eyes on the road.

2. Texting While Driving

The same department reports the following statistics on distracted driving in 2017, which suggests that distracted driving led to 234 fatal crashes in 2017. Considering these statistics, legal experts from VilesandBeckman.com cite distracted driving as one of the major causes of collisions in some parts of the USA. One of the most common reasons for distracted driving is texting while driving. Those who are using their mobile phones (texting, calling, scrolling on social media) while they are driving pose more danger not just to themselves but also to the civilians who are crossing the road and those who are driving. For safety purposes, one can stop by at the nearest parking spot or somewhere where they can stop and respond to the messages that they received, depending on the urgency.

 3. Zoning Out

One of the essential skills when it comes to driving is being able to focus despite distractions. You may see an accident while you are on your way to your home or work, but being able to focus despite encountering such situations shows how responsible you are when driving. When we are driving, we should not just zone out; we should also be considerate of those who are following and those who are next to us.

4. Not Getting Enough Sleep

Most cases of overspeeding are caused by drivers who have overslept the night before and thus speed up to get to their destination on time. This is usually the reason why someone would go beyond the speed limit. One thing that we can do to prevent this is to get a full night’s sleep; this is equivalent to waking up early, giving you a lot of time to prepare to go to your work, and not making you drive fast to catch up to your errands.

On the other hand, driving while sleepy is yet another cause of accidents and, in some cases, can be just as bad as driving while under the influence. When you’re driving on just a few hours of sleep, your eyesight may be hazier than usual, and your focus is impaired. This may cause you to go over the speed limit or forget to check your rearview mirrors while taking a turn.

5. Skipping Maintenance

Maintaining your car is as important as being able to drive efficiently. Making sure that it is well-maintained prevents you from experiencing mechanical failures while you are on the road. It is always a good idea to keep your car healthy. Visits to the mechanics should be regular to make sure that your vehicle is in optimum condition.

Skipping Maintenance

6. Not Having Consistent Gas Supply

If you are planning to go on a trip, and the destination is too far, it is best to make sure that your gas tank is filled, so that you do not have to stop midway. This way, you won’t have to worry about getting your trip delayed, while this will also lessen the likelihood of getting into a road accident.

If you do not practice road safety and work on improving your skills as a responsible driver, then you shouldn’t call yourself a good driver. No one’s driving is flawless at all times, and we’re all bound to check an urgent text or have a distraction lead our eyes off the road at some point. With that being said, overly confident drivers are certainly not exempt from getting involved in road accidents, so always make sure you steer clear from going beyond the speed limit no matter how good you think you are at driving.

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