6 Reasons To Choose Custom Solar System For Your Home In Brisbane


Solar panel systems capture and transform the sun’s energy-dense photons into usable energy. Photovoltaic (PV) or solar home power systems are often mounted on the top of a house to acquire maximum sunlight. Brisbane, situated in Queensland, is the state capital with a population of 2,560,700. There are nearly 1,017,820 housing properties in Brisbane.

In Brisbane, around 30% of housing properties have solar systems. A customised residential solar system is suitable for houses, townhomes and off-grid residential areas. It is an eco-friendly and affordable method to produce the electricity required for your home.

What Is A Residential Solar Power System?

On average, Brisbane receives about 5.2 hours of heavy sunlight per day. In Brisbane, a humid subtropical climate prevails, and the average maximum annual temperature is 26.6 degrees Celsius. The residential solar system contains solar panels that produce solar energy by transforming sun rays into direct current (DC).

Batteries or an inverter can restore DC electricity into alternating current (AC) power, which can be utilised for powerhouse appliances. Location, energy necessities and budget are all significant considerations when picking the ideal solar system for your home. Most home solar systems will contain 20 to 24 solar panels to cover electricity demand.

There are different types of residential solar power systems, including grid-tied systems, off-grid systems and hybrid systems. Solar panels, a solar inverter, a net meter, solar racking and solar performance monitoring are the parts of a home solar power system. A charge controller and solar battery storage are additional parts.

Why Should You Go Solar?

Solar panels offer solar power that is renewable and sustainable. Check out why choosing solar systems for your home in Brisbane is beneficial.

1. Renewable Energy Source

Solar energy is captured by home solar systems. It is a sustainable source of energy that will always be available. As long as there is sunlight, it guarantees a limitless and dependable power supply. Custom solar systems can increase your home’s energy efficiency in various ways.

2. Fewer Electricity Expenses

House solar systems will reduce a property’s overall energy expenses in the short and long term by producing power with free sunlight. In addition, the price of solar systems has dropped by more than 70% over the last ten years, while the cost of power has increased by roughly 5%.

3. Cost-Effective Option

Installation can be expensive initially, but there are government programs and subsidies that offer discounts. You will get a solar panel refund when you purchase a solar system in Brisbane, which will lower your purchase price. You can save about $3,400 with rebates when purchasing a solar system in Brisbane.

4. Easy To Install And Less Maintenance

The approximate span of solar systems is 25 years, and they are incredibly robust and require minimal maintenance. Additionally, it is pretty simple to maintain these systems as you only have to dust the panels to get rid of any debris occasionally.

5. Environmentally Friendly

You will make a worthy investment in a clean, renewable energy source that is good for the environment by implementing solar rooftop systems. It is immaculate, has no impact on greenhouse gases and does not pollute water or air. Additionally, no toxic pollutants will be produced when power is generated by these panels; therefore, it is carbon-free. Also, it lessens the demand for finite resources. Each kWh of solar energy produced will lower emissions of harmful pollutants and greenhouse gases.

6. Get Additional Money

The electricity that the home solar systems produce also offers you the chance to make some money. A system of electricity invoicing known as net metering enables consumers to get credits for the extra power that the solar panels produce or contribute to the grid.


A customised residential solar system will offer enough electricity to meet a home’s entire energy needs. There are plenty of reasons why you must opt for solar panel systems: fewer energy costs, environmentally friendly, unlimited energy resources, easy to install, little to no maintenance, etc.

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