6 Modern Residential Pool Design


Pools offer so much to any homeowner. This is the ideal way to cool off on a hot day. A pool can serve as the centerpiece of any backyard. It’s a great space where you can invite guests to fun pool parties. If you are thinking about putting a pool of your own, it’s a good idea to look at what has already been done in pool design. Modern designers are tackling the issue of pool design and coming up with innovative and fascinating approaches. You’ll find lots of bold inspiration that can help you decide what you want in your own pool, but it is recommended that you consult expert pool builders providing the best custom pool design Orange County to make sure you got the perfect pool for your needs.

The Infinity Pool

In recent decades, people have chosen what is known as the infinity pool. This is a pool that has a side that seems to have no wall from many points of view. Instead, the water seems to cascade over the side of the pool. That makes this an attractive option for the owner who wants to show off a lovely view from the pool. The water pools off one edge that are often hidden from view. This is a good idea for a pool that lies on the side of a hill or other lovely lot.

Interesting Shapes

Pools in unexpected shapes are another possibility. The standard pool has a circular or rectangular shape. A pool can be made of other shapes as well. Triangles offer lots of sharp edges that allow users to see who is in the pool. If you have an irregularly shaped lot, you can make the most of it with a pool that breaks past the bounds of tradition. Think about the use of multiple shapes in a single pool setting. One part might be an oval while the rest of the pool area forms a square against one wall.

Oval pool also known in Spanish as piscinas ovaladas is great for residential properties because it is both aesthetically pleasing and functional. An oval pool can be designed to fit into any backyard, and can be designed to fit the size and shape of the yard. This type of pool is great for those who want to take advantage of the space, while also creating a great visual effect.

Brass and Glass

New materials are also being seen in pool design. This is a chance to explore varied textures. You can opt for newer materials that are more durable and easier to work with. You can consult the trusted Pool Company Suffolk County to see the best options and the designs you can apply to your pool, depending on your requirement and purpose. Concrete is being used with items like tile that lend the pool setting a lively sense of inviting design. Designers are using other materials like brass and glass to bring out the site’s inherent interest. Install glass pool fence in Brisbane that will add even more interest. The glass adds an extra layer of safety and security that will protect your pool when you’re not there.

New Colors

Color is another area where you’ll find lots of interesting modern takes on the standard pool. The standard pool has been blue in color. This is because that is the color of the water. It’s possible to bring in additional colors that look just as good. Orange lies on the other side of the color spectrum. Shades of orange can be used to show off the blues in the water even better. Bright bold tangerine works as does a softer shade of apricot. At night, add lights that change color to make the pool a showplace for your evening dip.

Plunge Pools

A pool can serve many purposes. Some people want to swim laps all year long. Others may prefer to simply dip their toes in and cool off. If you’re in the former category, a plunge pool might be right up your alley. These pools have many benefits. For one thing, they’re just right for a much smaller lot. That makes them good even if you only have a bit of space to put in a pool. They’re also very easy to maintain so they’re a good choice if you are trying to keep to a specific budget.

Great Accessories

One of the best things for many people about contemporary pool design is that such designs make good use of the entire space. You can often fit in many options along with the main pool. A hot tub can be placed right next to the main pool for a way to warm up when the weather might be a bit colder. An area that is more shallow is another good option, especially for families with young children. That lets them play safely while adults enjoy other things in the pool such as a swim-up bar.


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