6 Ideas to Revamp Your Home’s Interior


Renovating your house is a great way to spruce up the interior and make it look newer and more lively. It gives your home a fresh outlook and increases its value.

Living in Corpus Christi, Texas, you can understand how much the humid subtropical climate affects your house’s appearance and well-being. The hot, humid weather can cause paint to fade and crack and take a toll on your roofs, siding, and windows.

However, if you spend a little bit of money on creative yet affordable ideas for elevating your interior design, it can change the look of your house. Whether you’re looking at a minimalist approach or want to go all out with renovations, here are a few ideas to satisfy all homeowners.

1. Rethink The Bathroom

It just so happens that the cost of revamping your bathroom in Corpus Christi can set you back anywhere between $6,700 to $38,500. Fortunately, you can customize your bathroom space without doing any major remodeling. You can focus on two things: the bathing area and the floor/walls. For the latter, you can either opt for a statement wall with a center mirror piece and light fixtures or match the walls and the floor by using peel-and-stick tile designs. They’re perfect for low-key changes without creating a mess.

As for your bathing area, it’s possible that the city’s humid weather caused it to rust and mold if you haven’t paid attention to it for a while. Want the quickest solution? We recommend hiring a Corpus Christi shower replacement company to replace your old shower. With this affordable replacement, your bathroom will look as good as new.

2. Get Creative With Your Entryway

Worried that changing your house’s interior will put a significant dent in your wallet? Don’t worry; we’ve got you covered if you’re considering sprucing up your entryway on a budget. Since the entryway is the first thing everyone sees, it’ll be great to think about a wall finish or making a statement wall. This is the part of your house where going bold with paint, or wallpaper isn’t bad.

For instance, bold hues like deep green or vivid plum will bring personality to your entryway and make it pop. Compliment your wall with nostalgic pieces like family photographs or DIY artwork. You can even turn your old dresser into a vintage piece to unite the whole area.

3. Revamp With Statement Light Fixtures

Both artificial and natural light is essential for changing the look of your home. Statement light fixtures are game-changers, particularly for the living room. We recommend playing it both ways – introducing an attention-grabbing center light fixture and relying on your windows. For instance, if you’ve got a statement table in your living room, you should go for minimalistic decoration. Try cylindrical or Tiffany-style table lamps with subtle art pieces.

Another approach would be to make it all about the lighting and install statement light pieces like a crystal chandelier, delicate scones, and textured tall table lamps. As for natural light, we recommend a patterned Roman shade or a roller shade combined with accent light fixtures for the best ambient glow.

4. Get Artistic

Who says you must get everything new to change your house’s interior design? This time you can try the mix-and-match approach, where the design is an aesthetic combination of vintage and modern pieces. Got old furniture rotting away in the garage? Use the most salvageable pieces and give your house a vintage look. You can repaint old dressers or use armchairs for decorative purposes by covering them with textured throws or pillows.

We recommend mixing fabrics and textures for the best outlook, especially in the entryway and living room. Interested in adding a touch of Texas to your house? Incorporate a little mix and match by combining warm-colored upholstered furniture with either metal pendant fixtures or distressed wood cabinets. Consider using your old vase and replacing the flowers with artificial feathers for that outdoorsy style.

5. Accent Walls Are A Go

Single themes are a thing of the past. Your revamping project needs a glorifying accent wall that ties the whole room together. Always incorporate a different color for the accent wall, something darker or lighter than the rest of the walls. Since your accent wall will be the room’s focal point, we recommend solid colors with either matte or metallic wall finishing. Also, feel free to play with patterns and experiment with stripes, circles, and even ombre. While you’re at it, playing with texture is always fruitful for sprucing up any design. You can try a wood accent wall, install paneling, or even have a fabric-draped wall. An accent wall is basically a free canvas for you to experiment with.

6. Decorate With Mirrors

Mirrors can not only make your space look larger, but they can also maximize light in the right area. So, besides their basic functionality, mirrors can be used in any shape and size. For instance, your accent wall will look spectacular if you use smaller rectangular mirror pieces and arrange them in any pattern you like. To make your bedroom space appear bigger, use large mirror strips for your headboard in a creative pattern.

It should cover the entire wall behind your bed, and we also recommend taking the mix-and-match approach. One of the best things about using mirrors for decorating is that you can make do with what you got. For example, if you’ve got a large, round centerpiece in the living room, you can change its look by adding similar-shaped illusionary frames around it.


Changing the feel and appearance of your home doesn’t need to be something that breaks the bank. Not only can you try affordable options from professionals, but you can also indulge in the pleasure of DIY projects. Whether it’s your dull entryway or boring-themed living or bedroom, any of the above ideas can help revamp your house’s interior design into something beautiful and fresh. The key is to be creative and work with a mixture of bolder modern pieces and vintage pieces.

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