6 Cost Saving Tips When Painting a House


Did you know that there are ways you can save money when painting your house? Since interior house painting is among the cheapest methods of giving your home a new look, you become more motivated to ensure that the work is done more creatively when you know how you can have it done even cheaply. Moreover, if you need the job done quickly and in the right way, you can contact GSD Painting and Decorating Contractors, the leading providers of top-notch and quality finishes for both exterior and interior painting.

Below are some ways of saving when painting your house

Selecting the Best Painter

Going for the services of the best painter is the easiest way to reduce costs on painting. This is because they do not make avoidable mistakes or waste the paint and other supplies, causing you unnecessary expenses. As such, it necessary to get the services of a professional painting company. Also, when you re-decorate and repair the building, there will be more costs involved. 

You should take your time and find the best contractor. Referrals are also crucial since you can look at the painters’ previous work before making a choice. In case the contractor does not offer a list of past clients you can visit and talk to, that should be a red flag. Besides, the painting company’s employees need to be very experienced and products used of high quality such as rollers, brushes, and prep equipment.

Handle Some of the Preparation Work

The outcome of painting is usually determined by the preparation done. You can talk to the painter to establish if there is a way you can help to ensure that the necessary pre-work is done earlier. Since some contractors are paid per hour worked, you can save money by removing light fixtures and outlet covers. As a homeowner, you save on labor charges when you handle simple prep work.

However, it would be best to leave the more complex work to experienced experts. You may use some drywall mud for filling the cracks and damages to drywall before the painters begin. The area should be sanded well so that it is smooth. In case the painters are needed to do some repairs, you end up paying more on top of the quoted price.

Using Online Paint Calculator

The online paint calculator is free, so you should access it without hesitation. It helps to determine the amount of paint needed for a given space area. Online calculators are on the websites of paint manufacturers and retailers. However, the calculator is only a guide, and you need to consider whether it is based on two coats or one coat. When using high-quality paint, one coat should be enough to cover previously applied paint.

Purchase Materials in Bulk

The best way you can save money when a painting is by buying the required materials in bulk. This is cost-effective compared to buying in small installments. It is necessary to consider the area to be covered and seek professional guidance to determine the quantity of paint required. Some shopkeepers are also able to help to estimate the amount of paint needed. But it would help to be cautious because they might mislead you to make more sales. Therefore, an expert is more reliable.

Avoid Too Many Colors

Did you know you can reduce the money spent when the number of colors is minimal? By choosing to apply many colors, you will naturally spend more on buying and painting. Therefore, it is necessary to select the color wisely by considering the colors and shades that best complement each other. You should avoid very many shades of colors. By limiting yourself to a few colors, you can save some money.

Get Multiple Bids

Before hiring a professional painter, you can ask for multiple estimates. Get some recommendations from family, friends, neighbors, or online search. You can also work with local painters in your area and ensure that they are licensed, insured, and have more than three years of experience.

Around four painters should be invited to the house separately to provide an estimate. There should be specific areas considered in the quotes, the number of coats, surface preparation required, and repair work if needed. The focus is not on the cheapest but value for money. In this way, you can get a painting expert who can produce affordable and long-lasting services.


You can use some tips to reduce the cost of painting your house. Some of these include choosing the best painter, getting multiple bids, and avoiding many colors. Besides, you can purchase materials in bulk, use an online calculator, and handle some preparation work.

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