6 Amenities to Look for When Booking a Vacation Rental Online


You know that feeling when you walk into a vacation rental, and it feels like your home away from home? Well, we’re here to help make that happen. One of the most important things to consider when booking a place to stay for your next vacation is what amenities are available.

The internet can be the best tool for finding the right one for your needs—but it’s also full of scams and misinformation. We’ve put together this guide to help you navigate the chaos and find exactly what you’re looking for:

Free Wi-Fi

Free Wi-Fi is a must for both guests and owners. For guests, it’s an important part of their vacation experience to be able to keep in touch with family, friends, and colleagues back home. For owners, free Wi-Fi means that they can provide a service that makes their property more attractive to potential renters.

Some properties may offer free Wi-Fi as part of their rental package; others may require the guest to pay additional fees for access.

Washer and Dryer

One of the biggest advantages of renting vacation rental homes, apartments, or condos is that you can do your laundry right in the unit. This saves money and time and adds convenience.

If you have been on a long road trip with young children who have had accidents in their diapers and refused to let go of those soggy diapers until they’re changed into new ones at every stop along the way, this may be something worth considering.

The last thing anyone wants on vacation is having wet clothing chilling them all day at their destination. When you book with Rebl Rentals Scottsdale, you know this won’t be an issue.

Pool Access

You’re probably familiar with the practice of vacation rental companies requiring you to stay at their properties for the duration of your stay. Still, one thing they often don’t mention is whether or not they include pool access in that deal.

This can be a deal breaker when it comes down to booking your next vacation. If you’ve been looking forward to relaxing by the pool on your days off from work and/or sightseeing, then it’s important that you know if there’s access nearby so that you have time to enjoy yourself. Add this amenity to your property if you’re a vacation property owner.

Air Conditioning

When booking a vacation rental, you want to ensure that your chosen place has air conditioning. This is especially important during the summer months when temperatures outside are likely to be high. Air conditioning helps you sleep better at night and will make your stay more comfortable overall.

Some people won’t rent a vacation home without air conditioning because they need it for their health or comfort. Others don’t mind being in a hot place so long as they have an escape from the sun—but either way, most vacation homes come with AC units today.

If something isn’t mentioned about whether or not there is AC in your destination home before you book it, be sure to ask about this amenity when contacting someone about booking it for your trip.

Cable or Satellite Television

One of the most important aspects of a vacation rental is its ability to provide all the amenities you, your family, and your friends will need. This includes access to cable or satellite television. There are many different factors when it comes to choosing what type of TV system is right for your needs.

Parking Area

You want a parking space that’s accessible but not too close. Some rentals offer on-site parking, which means your car will be within sight of your rental home. This can be convenient if you’re going to and from the house often or have kids who can’t walk far without getting tired out.

However, it also means that you’ll be parked in a busy area and might have to contend with someone else’s vehicle parked next to yours.

If you don’t need this type of convenience or if there isn’t any available at your rental property, look for an off-street spot. This way, no one else will ruin your day by blocking access to your vehicle or by hitting it while they leave their own driveway.

Final Word

Booking a vacation rental via an online listing site can be confusing and overwhelming. However, there are some things you can do to make sure that you find the perfect place for your next getaway.


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