6 Advantages of Polyurethane Coatings


There are many ways to protect buildings, as well as both indoor and outdoor equipment, walls, flooring, and furniture. Of course, some materials are outstanding, while others last only for a short time. Protective coatings enhance the appearance of many objects while extending their lifespans. You even get to save on maintenance costs in the process. If you are looking for such a protective material, the answer is polyurethane coating.

Polyurethane coating provides plenty of benefits, and you will realize them if you try this special coating.

1. Protection

Polyurethane finishes provide a smooth protective barrier to various surfaces. You can combine it with other materials, such as epoxy primers to seal off cracks and porous surfaces. The protective barrier created by polyurethane coating is virtually impenetrable. Thus, you will have surfaces capable of repelling atmospheric elements, corrosion, dirt, debris, and bacteria. Find a range of polyurethane coatings from trusted suppliers like the Durabak Company.

2. Versatility

Polyurethane coatings are versatile, so you can apply them to a range of surfaces. The material applies to engineered plastic systems, engineered foam systems, non-ferrous metals, structural steel, wood, concrete, and other surfaces. Once the polyurethane coating cures, the coating will provide continuous protection from various elements.

Polyurethane is also a material used in adhesives and sealants. You might be surprised to know that it is also available in various finishes, from a solid color to pearl to metallic finishes.

3. Safety and application

During the application of polyurethane, it is vital to wear protective gear. However, once the material has been cured, it will no longer have harmful vapors. The material becomes very safe for the environment, animals, and humans. It is likewise essential to have a professional apply the polyurethane coating for extensive projects such as buildings. The professional applicators have the proper equipment and training in using polyurethanes.

4. Enhanced aesthetics

Polyurethane coatings could enhance the natural aesthetics and beauty of the substrates. Again, the material is available in metallic and solid colors, in matte and gloss finishes. They work like paint but provide additional protection and more value for your money. They can provide a mirror finish or make surfaces look wet and slick. The material can bring out the beauty of your cabinetry and indoor furniture, liven up stones, and provide an impenetrable finish for concrete and metal surfaces.

5. Improved durability

Polyurethane finishes provide weathering protection to various building materials. The coating improves the durability of the substrates, thus extending their lives. Likewise, it makes surfaces scratch-resistant due to its tightly bound resin structure. In construction, they apply various polyurethane coatings on signage, handrails, building panels, metal stairwells, structural elements, doors, window mullions, and metal roofs.

6. Energy savings

The coating adds infrared heat reflectivity when applied to various surfaces. This feature effectively reduces the surface temperature of different exposed materials. It helps in preventing injuries due to hot surfaces, and even seals many surfaces, such as walls, roofs, and concrete floorings, reducing a building’s cooling costs.

Using polyurethane coatings gives extra protection, extended life, durability, safety, and better appeal. They are perfectly safe to use for your building’s exterior or interior.

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