5 Ways to Make a Quick and Easy Decor Statement in Your Home


You don’t need a degree in interior design or hire an interior designer to make your home look stunning. Thanks to the internet and the rising popularity of DIY in the past few years, so many creatives have shared and drawn inspiration from each other’s ideas to add style, beauty, and personality to thousands of homes everywhere. Are you ready to join the trend?

When it comes to effective home design, detail is king. No matter how expensive your furniture looks or costs, if you don’t know how to get the pieces to work together, your space can end up looking more cluttered than upscale. These online anchor wall decor, is a high quality-works of art and can serve as a centerpiece on your wall. Even if you only have a simple ensemble, to begin with, a simple twist and tweak in design can change the overall look of your home.

Take the following design tips. These hacks follow simple design principles to doll up corners, turn boring walls into refreshing spaces, and add a bit of edge to your beloved personal space.

Add a Metallic Accent

A simple way to add drama and sparkle to an otherwise plain and unremarkable living room or just about any room in the household is to incorporate some metallics. A splash of gold, silver, or perhaps a little bit of copper or brass can add an element of sophistication to an entire room.

Consider a lustrous gold paint for your sitting room shelves or side tables. Or give an accent to a centerpiece, such as this gold-leafed base of a lamp. A simple mirror added with a gilded edge becomes extra classy. Central decorative pieces really steal looks when polished with a bit of gloss.

But of course, you don’t have to be extravagant. A simple metallic fabric to change your ordinary throw pillowcases will do wonders to the overall appeal of your personal space.

Choose Quality Fabrics

If you’re running on a budget, it’s hard to buy everything you want. Fortunately, in design, quantity yields to quality. In this case, it’s smart to invest in small design pieces that stand out. One good investment is quality fabric. That includes your linens, towels that you are actually excited to use, curtains, and tablecloths.

Fabrics are versatile and can be used for different design ensembles. Burlaps, for example, make a great table runner, if you don’t want to cover your rich, polished mahogany dining room table with a conservative tablecloth.

Choose good-quality textiles so that you can use them repeatedly for multiple occasions. A cheap fabric can easily run and retain the slightest damage to the cloth, which is not just unsightly but also costly in the long run.

Use Mirrors

One of the most useful hacks when dealing with limited square footage is using the reflective power of mirrors. Mirrors can effectively make your room look larger and breathier. This is what makes it so popular for decorating or remodeling small spaces such as bathrooms.

A strategic mirror placement around the house improves lighting, optically stretches space, and effectively creates a brighter environment, especially for smaller rooms. Just don’t overdo it. Here’s a detailed dos and don’ts guide for using mirrors when glamming up your home.

Choose Three Colors or Shades

Perhaps the easiest way to change the look of a room is by repainting it. Yet a bad color scheme can also sabotage your decoration moves just as easy.

Here’s the creative advice. Choose three colors or shades: one for the main walls, a second for larger accents such as chairs and furniture, and a third for smaller accents such as florals and pillows. The colors should work together to make a unified theme, one complementing the other and not competing for attention.

Get inspired by these creative color schemes from Better Homes and Gardens.

Work with Plants

Plants can breathe life even into an empty room. Growing your own accessories by cultivating some indoor plant species is not just a wise design choice but also a healthy one. According to the Our World in Data website, about 2.6 million people in 2016 died to causes linked to indoor pollution. Having fresh, organic accents in your home helps keep the air-quality level safe, aside from keeping the house looking clean, fresh, and practically in style.

If you’re worried about not having the green thumb, no worries. Check out this great list of 25 indoor plants that you can’t kill.

Final Word

When it comes to design, price matters less than smart choices do. Although the two can be synonymous at times, you really don’t have to splurge on expensive designer items to sport a lovely home. Follow these tips, and see your home transform.

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