5 Warning Signs: You Need Residential Window Replacement in Texas


There are many benefits of gracing your home in Texas with well-designed windows. The curb appeal of your home is improved, you have more security, more natural light is allowed into your home, and the energy efficiency is also improved. If your windows are not at their best, many things can go wrong, and you will be left with the question of whether you should just repair the windows rather than replace them. It may do you some good to know what to look out for before you make a renovation plan.

While there are many signs that you need residential window replacement and installation in your Texas home, in this article, we discuss five of them.

Difficulty in opening and closing

You should check the windows in your home to see whether they are working smoothly. If opening or closing your window requires some extra force, it may be an indication that they need to be replaced. Operating your window shouldn’t be hard work; they are supposed to open and close without much effort.

Fog and condensation

If you notice a regular buildup of condensation or fog on your windows, you may want to find out what is causing it. Not all condensation is a sign of a problem. So, a careful analysis may show that you have nothing to worry about, based on where the condensation is appearing on your windows. One sure sign that there is a problem is if the condensation is in between the panes of glass. It shows that the seals of the windows have failed and replacing your windows is the way.

It is important to note that it takes more than just your windows for your home to function as a system. You also want to take your doors, ventilation, insulation, heating or cooling system into consideration. All these factors should be at their optimum performance for your home’s operation to be kept at its best.

High energy bills

If you stand next to your window on a cold day and it feels cooler than other parts of your home, or the glass of your window feels cold when touched, it may be a sign that even though your furnace is blowing warm air, the air gets cool as soon as it blows close to your windows. This is uncomfortable and a waste.

The bills you pay on your cooling and heating are guaranteed to fluctuate with the temperature changes of the winter and the summer. Most old windows are single-paned, making them vulnerable to air leaks. And so with these windows, there is a high likelihood that the cooling from your AC unit and the heat from your furnace will be mostly wasted. However, newer windows are known for high efficiency and are great at preventing air escape from your home.

Decays and leaks

One obvious indication that you need residential window replacement is when the window frames are decaying. For example, windows made of wood are prone to decay when exposed to moisture, thereby causing damage and other serious safety issues. You should consider an upgrade as soon as you notice that your window frames are experiencing decay.

When some windows have been exposed to so much moisture, they start to leak. In severe cases, leaky windows may leave your floor with pools of water in different areas of the home. if not addressed quickly, this may cause some other damage to your home.

It is easy to think that the volume of water leaking from your window doesn’t justify the replacement or that the summer season is an escape from the necessary renovation. However, don’t forget that moisture creates a conducive environment to mold growth, no matter how little the water may be. Delaying your window replacement in a situation like this will only make the situation worse, generating other serious problems.

Noise from outside

If your window is allowing so much noise into your home from outside, then there’s most likely a problem somewhere. A good test is to stand quietly by your window and observe whether you can pick sounds from a car driving by. If you can hear sounds from down the street, window replacement may be necessary.

Old windows are known to allow sounds and vibrations to filter into your home and with time, the noise within your home could begin to disrupt your peace. New windows are efficient at blocking sound waves from entering your home.


For your Texas home to keep operating at its best, you want to ensure that the windows are at their best. Window replacement is a great investment that will ultimately boost your home’s value and comfort for many years. As soon as you notice any of the signs highlighted in this article, contact a reputable window company to handle your window project. You can get a list of the top window replacement companies in Texas at Home Advisor.


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