5 Tips To Upgrade Your Living Space


Home ownership is full of serious responsibilities but can try to make it more fun as possible through upgrading your current living space. Giving your home a total makeover doesn’t have to be expensive at all – as long as you have the creativity and resourcefulness to turn the dull corners of your home brighter, without spending a huge amount of money.

Are you planning for a new home upgrade but don’t have a lot of budget? For a more beautiful and comfortable household, here are five tips in upgrading your living space that won’t have you spending a fortune.

Get a New High-Quality Bedding

Sleep and rest are crucial to your overall health and well-being, so you have to make sure that your bedroom can provide you with that. A comfortable mattress and covering it with high-quality bedding makes a huge difference in helping you achieve sounder sleep.

Most people turn a blind eye when it comes to their sleeping comfort inside the bedroom, and they tend to prioritize the visual aspects of the room. They add new paintings, tables, lampshades, and curtains, but what should be on their top priority is the quality of their bedding.

While choosing color combinations for bedding pieces is fun, and you should always take note of these other qualities that you need to consider too:

  • A higher fiber content of the bedding is always better, since it’s made of cotton. Opt for 100% fiber content.
  • Know how to differentiate sateen from percale. Sateen is more preferred by homeowners because of its silky and smooth texture, while percale feels crispy but light.
  • Always measure before buying to ensure that if fits your mattress.

Have A New Painting Job

A new paint job can make your living space bloom and look more spacious. It doesn’t only add style and beauty to your home surfaces, but it provides another line of defense against harsh weather conditions.

You can either hire a professional painter to do it for you, or do it yourself and make it look like a pro, with these tips:

  • Clean the surfaces with dirt first before directly placing paint on them.
  • Do it in dry weather.
  • Don’t forget to cover furniture pieces, appliances, decorations, that you don’t want to have paint on. Keeping your floors clean by placing newspapers while doing the paint job helps as well.
  • Always use a primer so the paint will adhere better.
  • Paint from top to bottom, preferably using a roller.
  • Maintain the cleanliness of your walls and always keep them looking fresh and new.

Improve Curb Appeal

Before directly entering your home, the first thing that people will notice is the exterior appearance of your property, so you should never overlook this. You can increase your curb appeal through a variety of methods that will make your overall property prettier and welcoming to your guests. Additionally, you can raise your home’s market value if ever you’ll be selling it in the future.

Some ways to improve your home’s curb appeal include:

  • Power cleaning your exterior surfaces.
  • Embracing symmetry on visual elements.
  • Adding lights.
  • Defining a clear path to your door.
  • Keeping the lawn looking clean and well-maintained.

Reinvent The Lighting

Your home’s lighting system can combine functionality and experience by creating the mood of a certain space. Some lights are created to prioritize glow inside rooms, while others are for highlighting important architectural features. Whatever their main purpose is, you should always make sure that you have appropriate and attractive lighting in various parts of your home.

Shift to a smarter light systems solutions with a few of these ideas:

  • Use LED bulbs because of their cost-efficiency.
  • Consider smart light bulbs that can be controlled with your device.
  • Add dimmer switches to save electricity costs.
  • Add some color and fun in your mood with colored LEDs.
  • Add light sensors so they would automatically turn off in the presence of sunlight.
  • Incorporate timers into your lighting system so it would follow a certain schedule, in case you forget to turn them off.

Go Green

It might sound redundant for you, but contributing to a good cause for the environment is something to look forward to everyday when you get home. As a responsible homeowner, you shouldn’t only focus on conserving energy and saving water just keep your costs down, but because you’re doing it for the environment.

Some revolutionary upgrades where you can contribute to the world by going green, are:

  • Changing to low-flow shower heads
  • Adding insulation to your attic
  • Installing green roofs
  • Using paints with low VOC content
  • Securiong air leaks and improve insulation
  • Saving and reusing any materials after renovation


Giving your home a new makeover will not only improve the visual aspects of your property, but also minimize safety risks, contribute to nature, provide additional comfort and happiness, become efficient, among others.

Doing small ways mentioned above, such as replacing your bedding with high quality ones, opting for a new paint job, improving curb appeal, reinventing your lights, and leaning towards eco-friendliness, will lead you into big steps in contributing to the world as a simple homeowner.

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