5 Tips for Choosing Flooring: A Guide to Making an Informed Choice


From carpets to tiles, there are many types of flooring on the market. It can be tricky to know which option would suit your home best and how much you need to spend on it. When looking for new flooring, there are lots of different factors you’ll want to consider.

Research your options

There is a wide range of different materials to choose from, so the first step is to narrow down your options. If you have a specific material in mind already, then great. But if not, make a note of the different pros and cons of a range of different flooring materials. From hardwood to LVT flooring, there is a lot of options.

Estimate the cost ahead of time

Once you know which type of flooring you want, it’s time to estimate the cost of each type. The first step is to research the different materials and prices. Once you have an idea of the costs, you can figure out how much you can spend on flooring. When estimating the cost of new flooring, remember to take into account installation costs too.

Think about durability

As well as making a stylish choice, you’ll also want to think about durability. If you have kids or pets in the home, you’ll want to go for a durable option so your flooring will last longer. Additionally, you’ll want to think about how your flooring will age. If you go for a hardwood floor, for example, you’ll want to consider how it will look after a few years of use. If you’re going for a tile floor, you’ll want to choose a type that won’t chip or crack easily. However, despite their durability, hardwood floors can get damage if you don’t protect them during a remodeling project for your home. Read our guide on the 5 Ways to Protect Your Flooring During Remodeling for more information on how to provide protection for wooden floors and other types of flooring.

Estimate installation costs

Installation costs can vary wildly depending on the type of flooring you choose. While you should take into account the cost of the flooring itself when estimating costs, don’t forget to factor in the cost of installation too. The type of flooring you choose will have an impact on the installation costs. For example, tile flooring is generally much cheaper to install than hardwood. Laminate and wooden flooring are somewhere in the middle.

Ask for help from a flooring specialist

When you’re choosing the right flooring, it’s a good idea to seek advice from a flooring specialist. This is especially true if you’re not too familiar with the different types of flooring available. A flooring specialist will be able to advise you on the best option for your home. This way, you can discuss your options with the specialist and receive advice based on your individual needs and preferences.


Choosing flooring for your home is a big decision. It can be tricky to know which type to go for and how much to spend on it. The first step is to research your options so you can see what types are out there. Next, you’ll want to estimate the costs of each type so you know how much you can spend.

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