5 tips for building the perfect home office environment


With more of us than ever working from home (WFH), it has never been more critical to have the perfect home office. Lockdown restrictions and Covid guidelines have meant that offices worldwide have closed, and workers have been forced to adapt. While it was initially hard to get used to new surroundings, studies suggest people are enjoying WFH, with some companies allowing WFH to happen permanently.

If you are set to be home-based for the foreseeable future, ensuring your home office is in tip-top shape will have a massive impact on your workflow. Feeling comfortable in your office space will mean you will feel happy, eager to work, and ready for action.

So aside from comfy sweatpants and cosy slippers, here are five tips to help you build the perfect home office environment. For more additional tips on setting up your home office be sure to visit thepaystubs.com.

1. Buy a comfy chair

Firstly, it’s essential to give your back and posterior some love. A comfortable ergonomic office chair from officelogixshop.com is the beating heart of your office space. You could be sat in it for 8 hours a day or more. Back pain isn’t ideal, and if you are seated in an uncomfortable chair for this length of time, you could develop some severe problems.

But how to find the perfect chair? Chairs can get pricey, with some high-end brands like Herman Miller costing around $1,000. While they can make a world of difference, with many owners swearing by the comfiness, the costs can price out many people. If you have the cash available, though, you definitely should consider it.

Chairs are subjective, and the best bet is going to stores to sit and see what you like. They don’t have to be expensive, with some costing as low as $50, but research is vital to get the comfiest chair for you.

2. Get some greenery

Being locked up inside all day isn’t ideal, so why not bring a taste of the outside with you? While you should undoubtedly take regular breaks and get some fresh air (self-care is important), sometimes deadlines can get the better of you. If you end up working long stretches, adding some greenery in your room can help you feel refreshed.

Plants like the Spider plant or a Peace lily are attractive choices and watering them may help you take your mind off things.

This isn’t just a psychological benefit either. Research has found that indoor plants can reduce carbon dioxide by 25% in buildings without air conditioning.

3. Add a second monitor & uninterruptible power source

The biggest challenge many people face when WFH is productivity. Keeping focused and ensuring you stay on top of your workflow can be challenging. Luckily, there are ways to help boost productivity, one of which is adding a second monitor.

A second monitor is excellent for spreading out information if you hate juggling pages and minimising tabs continually.

If you work from a laptop, you can also buy an extra monitor to help transform your setup into a productivity haven.

If you’re looking to create an efficient and comfortable home office, you’ll need to make sure that your workspace has the proper power supply. You can choose to have an external power supply or a backup power supply. Installing a UPS backup power supply for home will ensure that you have an extra source of electricity in case of a power outage. Additionally, having a backup power supply will keep your computer and other equipment running in the event of a hardware failure.

4. Consider a standing desk

Sitting down all day isn’t ideal. While this list has already addressed how to make yourself comfortable for long stints at your desk, you could consider a standing desk.

Standing desks can be an excellent addition as they have adjustable height settings at the push of a button. This means if you want to stretch your legs but carry on working productively, you can.

Your health is important, and spending more time being active and standing up will do you a world of good.

5. Install some lighting

Ideally, your room will already be filled with natural light. Natural light is crucial as it can give your skin much-needed vitamins, along with several other health benefits.

But if your office doesn’t have any windows or you work nights, ambient lighting is vital. Try buying a desk lamp near your workspace or install some LED lights around the room.

This will not only help you see (which is important) but will also help you avoid straining your eyes if you are using a computer screen for long periods.

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