5 Things You Should Know Before Switching To A Metal Roof


Change is constant and inevitable. It’s human nature to desire to try something new or upgrade to something that seems better.

In this case, you may feel it’s time to improve your house by transitioning to metal roofing. Maybe your home has damaged traditional clay tiles, and you want to upgrade it. Or, you may have visited a new place, and the mere sight of metal roofs captivated you. Either way, it’s not such a bad idea.

Metal roofing has become popular in today’s world due to the advantages it gives. You’re all set so long as you get a roof specialist to do the job for your home. If you’re looking for one, you can get more info here. However, there are certain things that you need to know before switching to a metal roof, which are:

1. These Roofs Are Costly

Metal roofs are more expensive than traditional ones like asphalt roofs because of their top-grade quality. The average price for 100 square feet of a standard metal roof ranges between USD$120 and USD$900. There are different types of metal roofs; tin, iron, and zinc, all of which have varying costs. If you want metal roofs of the best quality, like steel, you will need to prepare to spend more than this amount.

Apart from the costly material, the other thing that makes metal roofing expensive is the installation process. Not everyone can do this. The technique, skills, and equipment used to install metal roofs are top-grade. Getting experts with the skills needed to install these roofs appropriately isn’t as cheap.

So, as you plan to install metal roofs, prepare to spend a significant amount of money. It’s essential to have a budget; incorporate all the estimated labor, material, ventilation, and equipment costs. After you have a rough idea of how much you’ll spend, you can hire a renowned roofing installation company to do the work for you.

2. Metal Roofs Are Long Lasting

The good thing about installing metal roofs is that you can be sure that they’ll serve you for over four decades. The initial cost of installing them may be high, but once the experts have fitted them correctly, you won’t have to worry about replacing them again for the next four to seven decades.

Moreover, these roofs have an extended manufacturer’s warranty of about three to five decades after installation. Chances are meager that you’ll find a defect and want to replace these roofs, especially if skilled experts did the installation work.

Another reason these roofs are long-lasting is they’re not affected by extreme weather conditions like winds, rain, or overheating sun. Their material has a rust-proof coating. Thus, the chances of them rusting or cracking are low.

Their long-lasting nature is why many industrial buildings like factories, warehouses, and bars use them. They can serve you thrice more than asphalt, wood, and any other traditional roofing method.

3. They Aren’t As Noisy

There’s a stereotype that metal roofs are super noisy when hail or heavy rain falls on them, maybe because of their heavy material. However, that’s not true. As long as the professionals have fitted them properly, there’s no difference between the sound they produce and that of other traditional roofing when hit by raindrops.

You may find that you won’t hear any noise while in the house, especially if you have an attic. Such roofs have sound insulation to prevent excess noise from permeating. So, when there’s rain or hail, it won’t be that noisy, like when you had the previous roofing, or even quieter, depending on your house type.

4. Metal Roofs Are Energy Efficient

worker builder with hand drill at metal profile roof installatio

Like cars’ metal hoods, these roofs are energy efficient. Their ability to reflect heat away makes them possess this trait; thus, you won’t suffer from excessive heating in the house.

On the contrary, traditional roofs absorb heat from the sun rather than reflect it away. They then direct and emit this heat into the house as the night approaches, which can cause excessive heating. Therefore, if this is one of the reasons why you want to shift to metal roofing, then it’s understandable and advisable.

5. DIY Installation Is Not Advisable For This Roofing

As much as you may have a brief idea of how to do metal roofing, and you’d want to install the roof yourself, you’re advised not to. The whole process of fixing metal roofs requires technical expertise. You don’t want to find yourself in a situation where you have to call roofing specialists to remove the metal roofing and reinstall it again. Not only will this cost you more time but also money.

Therefore, ensure that you hire expert roofers from renowned companies to install metal roofing for you from the get-go. They’ll come with the necessary tools, equipment, and materials to do the job, even if they’re placing the roof over the traditional one. And if any problem occurs in the long run, which is rare, you’ll be consulting these roofers free of charge (because of the warranty), unlike if you’d done it on your own.


Before you try out anything new, gather first the necessary information. It will enable you to decide on whether to do it or not. Some of the things you need to consider before switching to metal roofing are their cost, energy efficiency, and long-lasting capability.

Also, it’s important to note that rarely are they affected by weather conditions like wind or rain and you’re highly encouraged to get professionals to install the roof for you. Since metal roofing has more pros than disadvantages, don’t hesitate to go for this upgrade for your house. You won’t regret this decision!




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