5 Things You Must Do Prior Pest Control Service Arrives


Insects can heavily damage your home, but if you call a professional pest control service, they can help you to get rid of them.

First, they will come in proper uniforms and introduce themselves to you. You may ask any kind of service-related questions to them. If you have any concerns, you should notify the pest control team immediately upon arriving.

Then the exterminators will inspect your property including your garage, pipes, and other crawlspaces. Then they will examine your yard.

However, you must remember some important things that you have to complete before the pest control team arrives. From informing your neighbor to protecting your dogs, in this article, we will discuss the top 5 things that you must do for your upcoming pest extermination treatment.

You Must Protect Your Pets

When you’re thinking about the safety of your pets, you must take necessary precautions. Before the pest control team arrives, take some appropriate measures to safeguard your pets from any danger.

If you have cats or dogs, try to move them from your house for a couple of hours. Try to relocate them to any family members or friends who can look after them. As you already know pets are curious and they can lick any pesticides which will prove fatal for their health.

Additionally, try to relocate your caged pets such as birds, snakes, or fishes.

You Must Coat the Open Items

Before the pest control team arrives, remember to pack or cover any open items. If you leave any open items, they can be infected with the pesticide particles. Hence, pack all the toys or clothes and especially plates.

Try to pack away your makeup kits, toothbrushes, and hairbrushes. Additionally, don’t forget to dump any open foods from your kitchen.

If you’re planning to exterminate bed bugs, then focus on transferring all the pillows and other personal belongings. After the pest control leaves, don’t change the bedding for a couple of hours.

Relocate Your Furniture

The pest exterminators should roam around your house freely and the furniture might prove to be unwanted obstacles in their way. According to The Spruce, once you’re done relocating your pets and personal belongings, it’s time to move the furniture. This will help the exterminators to access every corner of your house.

Move all appliances and furniture from the walls. If you have extra-large belongings, then try to move them at least 4-5 feet away from the windows and walls. This will give the pest control team more vacant space to inspect and identify pest activities.

Clean the Carpets and Floors

Vacuum carpets and clean the floors to get rid of any hidden pest’s egg. Try to use elbow grease that can deliver a much more powerful cleanse. You can also mop the floor to boost the effectiveness of the pest control service. Always focus on entry points, dents, or cracks while vacuuming the carpets.

Once you’re done cleaning, remember to clean the vacuum and other appliances too. If you have any vacuum bags or disposable clothes, cover them in plastic and dump them in the dustbin.

If you are searching for a professional pest control service that can easily remove pests from your house, then consider visiting Elite Pest and Termite Control.

Inform Your Neighbors

If you live in a rural area, then you don’t need to inform your neighbors. But if you have neighbors living just next to your house, then you must inform them about your upcoming pest control service.

If you’re thinking about why you must inform your neighbors, few points can clear your doubts:

  • Some people are vulnerable to pesticide poisoning.
  • Your neighbor has pregnant women in the house.
  • Your neighbor has young children or infants.
  • Your neighbor has elderly adults.
  • The family members of your neighbor are prone to allergies.

Hence, to avoid any unwanted dispute, it’s highly advised to inform your neighbors about the pest control treatment.


When you take necessary precautions for your upcoming pest control treatment, the exterminators can do their job more quickly and smoothly.

However, don’t forget to take care of yourself too. As a human being, you’re also vulnerable to dangerous pesticides. Hence, it’s best if you don’t enter your house while the professionals are doing their job.


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