5 Things To Consider Before Buying A Hot Tub


Indeed, there’s nothing else better than slipping into your hot tub on a Friday night as you finally welcome the weekend. Better yet, with your tub, anytime can be spa day – not only Fridays. Kids and adults alike have so much fun and relaxation out of a tub, now making it almost always a household must-have.

Before finally enjoying your tub, there are many things to consider before finally making a decision. It can feel overwhelming, especially when you don’t know where and how to start. Going through a checklist, however, is crucial in helping you find the perfect one for your home regarding size, function, and even price.

So, is a hot tub worth it? Yes, but only if and when you’ve ticked all these following considerations.

1. Availability Of A Local Dealer

While you can order a hot tub from elsewhere, buying from a local hot tub dealer is preferred. Hot tubs are nice to have, but they’re also quite a responsibility to keep them functioning and well-maintained.

That said, buying from a local dealer improves after-sales service and maintenance. Whenever there’s an issue, a representative from the dealer can visit your house ASAP and take a look at it. Parts are available locally, and regular maintenance is more doable with a local team ready anytime.

2. Approximate Size And Measurements

Approximate Size And Measurements 

Avoid any models that exceed the dimensions of the space you’re slated to install your hot tub. There are tubs of different sizes and kinds, so you’ll never be without a choice. Getting the right size is essential so your tub doesn’t waste too much space, especially when you’re short on it. Conversely, if you have a bigger space for it, you don’t have to be too constrained only to a small one.

3. Shell Materials

The hot tub shell material can be made from remolded plastic, acrylic, or vinyl. Each has its strengths and weaknesses, but ultimately, the choice of shell influences the appliance cost. Therefore, narrowing down your options based on your budget is possible by starting with the shell material.

  • Acrylic. Some of the most durable hot tubs on the market are those made from acrylic. This durability also makes these hot tubs some of the heaviest, which means unlike other models, you can’t easily reposition these. Once you set it up, you must know the location and position.
  • Vinyl. These types are standard tubs that are attached to in-ground swimming pools. Vinyl tubs are less expensive than acrylic tubs. However, these also have a few disadvantages. Vinyl tubs don’t retain heat very well, causing the motor in the tub to work harder, often causing a rise in the electricity bill.
  • Rotomolded Plastic. Made from polyethylene, plastic hot tubs are portable and lightweight. Regarding performance, rotomolded plastic tubs are often better than vinyl but aren’t as good at retaining heat.

4. Budget

Of course, your budget isn’t to be set aside. Budget will always be among the top deciding factors for what tub you’ll eventually buy.

The best way to do this is to balance the price with the tub’s reputation for good quality and performance. Don’t be deceived immediately by the cheapest one on the market, as that doesn’t always equate to cost savings.

Lower-priced tubs can save you quite a bit initially, but they could cause more problems in the long run. They may cost you more in terms of repairs and maintenance. It shouldn’t matter as much if you paid more at the outset if you’re guaranteed functional longevity and durability.

5. Cleaning And Maintenance Required

Like any other household appliance, hot tubs require care and maintenance to maintain their function. How extensive this care and maintenance depends significantly on the hot tub’s care requirements.

That said, go through the manufacturer’s instructions very thoroughly. It’s essential to be sure you can keep up with the level of care and maintenance required. Upkeep can be simple or involved, and if the latter is too much for you to do, then at least know whom to call for the professionals to do it instead.

The Bottomline

As simple as it may sound, once you start actively searching for one, you’ll find that there are so many choices to get by, each with its respective features and price ranges. Like any other major purchase, thinking through your chosen hot tub is very important before finally deciding. After bringing it home, there’s no changing your mind, so there’s no room to risk making this a regrettable purchase. Take note of the checklist above so that yours will be a functional, enjoyable hot tub for many years.


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