5 Surprising Ways To Brighten Your Living Space


Designing your home doesn’t only involve choosing wall décor, furniture pieces, carpeting, and other essential accessories. You also shouldn’t forget about one important consideration—how to brighten your living space. No matter how elegant, stunning, or stylish your place may be, you can’t fully appreciate it if it’s too dark. That being said, you need to think of ways to brighten the space.

Thankfully, doing so doesn’t require you to add more windows or knock down walls. You can always come up with clever and surprising tricks that could make your house a brighter and better place to live in such as installing a skylight. Click the link to contact a trusted company providing the best skylight installation coomera.

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1. Take Advantage Of Natural Lighting

If you try to be more creative, you can bring in more natural light inside your home with a few tricks up your sleeve. Nothing compares to the natural feeling and warmth of sunshine that’s always available for most hours of the day. Aside from brightening the space, sunlight is also beneficial to the health and may help improve mood and concentration.

If you have large doors and windows, consider opening them to let the sunshine in throughout the day. Should you decide to have the windows treated, opt for lighter treatments that won’t block the sunlight. Another way to get more natural lighting inside the home is to install skylights that are perfect for family rooms, bathrooms, and other high-traffic areas.

There are different types of skylight to choose from depending on the purpose and where you plan to add them. Tubular skylights, for example, are perfect for houses with a limited roof space because of their versatile shapes and sizes. If you don’t seem to find the right type of skylight according to your preference, you can always go for custom ones that can be tailored to your specifications.

2. Trim Your Trees Regularly

If you have big trees towering the windows, chances are sunlight won’t be able to come through. Trim the branches and bushes regularly to ensure this won’t happen. You should also do the same with window cleaning and maintenance. Sometimes, it takes a simple scrubbing of the window to let more light inside the house.

If the bushes and branches have been brushing off the window for months, that could make the glasses dirtier and darker. Giving them a good cleaning could go a long way in making the space brighter and cleaner.

3. Hang Mirrors

Mirrors have a pretty tricky power to make any space look bigger and brighter, which is why they’re a great accessory to add to any home. Because of their reflective surfaces, sunlight bounces off throughout the place, improving illumination during the day. One good tip is to hang a big mirror in a corner that directly faces the largest window of the room to make it instantly and effortlessly brighter.

Another idea is to arrange multiple small mirrors near or above a dark staircase. Doing so will help create an illusion that the spot has enough lighting. In the afternoon, you can light up your fixtures, and the mirrors can significantly help double the amount of illumination in the area.

4. Choose Brighter Art Pieces

If you like hanging paintings and other art pieces, it’s recommended to go for vibrant ones if you want to create a brighter-looking space. This could also dramatically elevate the appeal of a dark room, especially if you’re going for a lively and cozy vibe. If you have dark walls, adding art pieces in lighter and brighter colors could seriously change the game by a mile.

Whether it’s your living room, bathroom, bedrooms, or dining area, be sure to add wall accents that could make the space brighter and not the other way around. Moreover, bold and bright colors tend to draw more attention, which should be good if your goal is to highlight your art pieces hanging on the wall.

5. Get Creative With Lighting Fixtures

When adding light to any room, you can always count on lighting fixtures to do the job and more. A crystal chandelier, for instance, can make any space look elegant and bright at the same time. The crystals are reflective enough to bounce off light from other sources such as sun rays and lamps inside the home.

Other lighting fixtures you can add to your living space are string lights for the bedroom, lamps for side tables, candles for bathrooms, wall sconces for hallways, and recessed ceiling lights for the living room or kitchen.

Final Words

As you can see, several surprising ways can help you brighten your living space. Simply adding more mirrors can already make a difference. You can also add more lighting fixtures, choose brighter art pieces that complement your wall décor, trim your trees regularly, clean the windows, and take advantage of natural lighting.


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