5 Sure Signs you’re Due For Bathroom Remodel

Bathroom shortcomings can, at times, be underestimated. As such, some homeowners would try resolving them through creative solutions, such as the use of cosmetics to alleviate the dowdiness that comes with age.

However, such solutions aren’t long-lasting. “You’re Due For Bathroom Remodel

And, at times, the signs may not be obvious.

The best way to ensure that your bathroom remains in tip-top condition is by identifying the early warning signs and arranging for a timely remodeling or renovation. Even though some problems may be glossed up to paint a picture that things aren’t severely off, years of continuous use and wear can wreak havoc in your bathroom and inflate your budget.

And that’s why getting to know these sure signs that your bathroom needs urgent renovation is vital.

 Signs That Your Bathroom Needs Urgent Renovation

If you’re not still sure of whether to renovate your bathroom, these signs will, for sure, tell you that your bathroom needs a new touch.

1. Cracked tiles, missing grout, stains, peeling paint, lingering odor, and high humidity

Even though minor, these signs can lead to other serious problems when overlooked. They may be signs of other issues or lead to other costly problems in your bathroom.

Ignoring such issues may lead to mold and mildew growth, corrosion, and water leaks that may cause structural damage.

While some of these problems can be fixed using cosmetics, they also increase the cost of repairs.

A bathroom with a fully functioning exhaust fan can rarely get stuffy. Therefore, if your bathroom feels like a sauna most of the time, then your exhaust fan could be the problem.

Therefore, before you can blame the bad smell for any other fault, your exhaust fan should be the first thing to check and arrange for a renovation.

2. Toilets that run, leaky faucets, exceptionally high water bills, or the sound of running water.

Having it in mind that not all leaks are visible, water may leak and build up in unsightly areas causing structural damage.

Extremely hard water can also cause considerable damage to water lines.

Besides that, it can also slow down water flow leading to pipe failure.

Hidden leaks in the walls and floors could also cause damage to the structures found in those places.

If you experience such, it’s imperative you opt for a professional investigation to prevent widespread floods or water damage.

3. The ‘Locker room syndrome.’

The bathroom is just an extension of your bedroom’s functionality. It’s a place to soak or enjoy warm showers that end with a feeling of refreshed and rejuvenated self.

As such, you’ll always want to keep that small but essential room attractive.

If you’ve stopped enjoying the joy that comes with a fully functional bathroom, then it’s time to revamp it and give it a fresh.

The dingy and aging bathroom can make you uncomfortable. As a result, you wouldn’t wish to stay in there a little longer.

And that’s what may also make you turn it into a store for dirty clothes and smelly socks.

When you no longer feel happy in your bathroom, it’s time to carry out remodeling and renovations.

If you’re not sure of where to start, Just ask a Remodeling Contractor in Houston With their team of professional remodelers, you’re sure to get the best services and advice at a pocket-friendly cost.

4. Unattractive design or obsolete design

Bathroom design is critical when it comes to the attractiveness of the room. As such, you have to keep it as updated as you can for it to remain relevant.

While some bathrooms may be aged, others may have been attractive in the past but not in the modern world.

As such, you need to upgrade them to a trendy design that matches your functionality and reflects your lifestyle.

5. Lack of usable space

Even though your bathroom may be charming, lack of usable space is a setback that can only be fixed through bathroom remodeling.

If you need ample space to accommodate a garden view, a separate shower, more cabinets, dual vanities, a soaking tab, better lighting, or anything else that could rekindle the love for your bathroom, just contact a bathroom remodeling contractor.