5 Super Stylish Ideas to Decorate A Toddler’s Room

So you have a toddler and you want to decorate their room and make it a pleasant yet safe place for them to enjoy this critical growth period in their lives. Great. But where do you start? Here are some clever ideas.

1. Start with their sleeping space

Toddlers, like adults, spent over a third of their lives sleeping. So their bed is the most essential practical element of the room, so think carefully about how your young one will sleep.

And you know what, whether it is a bunk bed, a recessed corner with a thick mattress surrounded by some flowing material; and a simple area rug, chances are it doesn’t matter too much to your young one.

The main idea is not to go too big. Your toddler does not need a huge bed overshadowing the rest of her (or his) living room space. You may consider shopping for toddler beds online at Baby Hills Thailand. The shop has numerous choices for you to choose from.

2. Keep it simple

This is probably the number one rule. Do you remember on Christmas when your toddler spent more time playing with the box their Christmas toy came in than they did with the toy? Welcome to the world of toddlers.

Realize at the start that it may be two or three years before your toddler really appreciates all the effort you went into decorating their room. For the most part, the decorating ideas are for you and your friends who love to see what a lovely room you created.

What your child needs, more than anything is a place to play. So try not to decorate

the room with a ton of things. What your child needs most is space.

So, decorate with the walls, the lighting, and area rugs to keep the theme simple.

3. Area rugs are key

The area rugs you choose are probably the most critical element in defining your child’s play space.

Area rugs are fairly cheap, and will virtually make or break the room. Spend more time finding the right area rug and trust us, your child will be quite pleased with their bedroom.

A great idea is to invite your child to shop online with you. Preselect no more than about 5 designs to avoid overwhelming them, but then invite them to choose which one they like best.

Area rugs are easy to keep clean, and also provide a safe area to play.

4. Add a child’s size chair

In our opinion, your toddler needs a cushioned chair, and the chair should go well with the area rug. If you have a patterned rug, you need a plain chair, and if you go with a patterned design chair, then your rug should be plain.

5. Include a toy chest

It’s never too early to teach your child to store their toys neatly way.

Toy chests make this job very simple, and they range in price from the very simple printed cardboard models to the more expensive but long-lasting wood models.

Regardless of which you choose, these are essential to keep your child safe, if he gets up at night in a dark room, you don’t want them stepping on toys.

About the Author

About the Author

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