5 steps to finding the perfect coworking space


The rise of freelancing has led to the rise in coworking spaces. More and more people seek the flexibility of freelancing and want to feel connected. This is where coworking spaces come in; these communal workstations offer a professional environment where you can focus on your tasks while being surrounded by others who have the same goal.

People interested in this type of work environment should consider some important factors before making their decision, such as size, price, amenities, access to resources and more!

This article will cover five factors you should consider when looking for a coworking space that’s right for you.

1. Size

First, you need to consider how much space you will be needing. If you are a freelancer with co-workers who occasionally come in with projects or clients, then coworking spaces for two people would be perfect. If your work requires more generous desk space and storage options, there are also shared desk plans.

Shared desk plans provide desks along the outside walls of the community workspace where others can sit down to work. This way, if other members join your company at these shared desks, it won’t take away from your workspace area. These factors should be considered when finding a plan that best fits your needs.

2. Price

You should also consider the price of the co-working space in Jakarta. Price varies depending on the size of the space, whether you need to pay utilities, and what amenities it offers. If you are just starting as a freelancer or your business is still in its beginning stages, then coworking spaces that offer lower-priced plans might be best for you.


3. Amenities/resources

You should consider how much time you will spend in the workspace. People whose flexible schedules may not need access to printers or daily office supplies available through their plan because they only use the space when necessary. This way, they don’t have to pay for a higher package. However, consider the amenities offered if your schedule is not flexible and you spend several hours at the coworking space daily.

4. Access to resources

Coworking spaces generally have more than just desks. They generally offer printers, scanners, fax machines, and administrative assistants to make appointments and handle business tasks. You’ll also get conference rooms for meetings with clients or teammates, copy/scan/fax services. Other coworking spaces can include phone booths for private conversations or video conferencing capabilities, projectors for presentations and a kitchen/lounge area where members can grab snacks and coffee while getting ready for their day.

5. Location

You should also consider how accessible it will be to get to the workspace. Coworking spaces pop up worldwide, so one is near you, no matter what city or town you live in. If you’re looking for a space that’s close to restaurants, bars, and other places to take clients or co-workers, then consider coworking spaces in more urban areas. If you need a quieter place to focus on your work without any distractions, coworking spaces outside city centers might be a better option for you.

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