5 Simple Ways to Grow Your Instagram Audience with Real Followers

Instagram is the King of Social Media nowadays. When it first broke out on the internet in 2010, nobody would have anticipated such rapid growth in popularity. The network reports that it has a 2.2% engagement rate among 500 million users that log in on the app every day, which is 2% more than Facebook has in the same timeframe.

With this overwhelming evolution that seems to be far from reaching its peak, it is no surprise that every company out there tries to get as many people behind their business as possible. If you want to promote your brand on Instagram, you will need to do the same. Here are 5 simple ways to grow your Instagram audience with REAL followers!

Use Cross-Promotion Tactics

Hashtags were irrelevant and hardly used by anyone on social media before Instagram came into existence. Now, they are part of numerous ad campaigns and marketing strategies that do not even take place on Instagram. Somehow, people have become so aware of the hashtag symbol that they use it everywhere to mimic the impact that it has on the photo-sharing platform.

If you are promoting your brand on Instagram with a bespoke hashtag, use it to enhance your visibility through cross-promotion tactics. You can do so by using it in posts on other social media networks or even include it in TV ads and billboard signs that you use for advertising purposes. This strategy will reel in new, real followers from people that were not aware of your business’ existence yet.

Get Noisy on Instagram

If you want to attract more attention on Instagram, you will have to take part in as many discussions as you can. These conversations have to meet two standards: busy and relevant. They have to have plenty of people commenting for several days in a row, and they need to be in the same niche as your business.  Be sure to check out Nitreo for help as well.

Use your most charming conversational and social skills to interact with people in these discussions. They will incite curiosity to many of the readers, and some of them will visit your profile and even choose to follow you in the long run.  There are also ways to get free Instagram followers as well.

Write Long Post Descriptions

When it first came out, Instagram attracted mostly photos from photography enthusiasts and people who were overly proud of their vacation stills. Nobody wanted to read post descriptions back then, so the text that came with every photo was often short or made up of just a few hashtags.

Now, that trend has changed as experts from InstaGrowing have noticed. People are more inclined to read the text that accompanies photos and videos. If you want to grow your audience with more followers, you should come up with creative, eye-catching descriptions for your posts.

Enhance Your Bio URL Section

Whether you choose to buy followers on Instagram from InstaGrowing or not, you must ensure that everything about your profile is appealing and entertaining, including your bio URL section. The last thing you want is users discovering your profile and being turned off and away by a boring descriptive text.

Take the time to come up with a fun and creative description for your bio section and include a link to your company’s website. This way, you will bring more followers to your Instagram page and potentially more customers to your business.

Scout the Local Area

There are over 2 million advertisers present on Instagram every single day. That is some competition, especially if you are looking to add more followers and clients to your page. Before you try to reach a global audience, you should try to create a stable and loyal local following.

Start by geotagging your posts to let know the people in your area that your business is easy to reach. Even people that rarely require your products or services will start following you out of respect and support for a company in their vicinity.