5 Reasons You Will be Glad You Use Water Softeners, Even If You Have An Alternative

You may think water softeners are not necessary. One, many people seem to be getting away with not using Pristine Water Softeners. For instance, because the problem doesn’t deal with your health. Two, you don’t see some of the negative impacts and the loss you are preparing for immediately. It takes many months before the pipes become clogged, for instance. Three, you think you have other ways to solve this problem, faster and better.

Here are your facts rechecked. You aren’t getting away with using hard water without treating it. The problems might not show now but soon, the home will tell through damaged fixtures and appliances. That is why, before it becomes too late, you need to utilize safe and effective water softeners. Check out https://www.cleanvalleywater.org/las-vegas/ to employ the best Las Vegas water softeners and filtration systems. Also, what alternative do you think you have? Say it reverse osmosis or electronic water conditioning or electromagnetic water treatment. Some of them aren’t as cheap as using Pristine Water Softeners. In fact, this article discusses all the benefits you are missing if you aren’t using water softeners or if you are using your hard water directly.  You also might want to consider the best electronic descalers on the market as well.

1. You don’t Pump out More Money on Repairs

Hard water isn’t a good friend of your home appliances like the pipes and sink. If you keep collecting hard water in your house, you are leaving room for clogging in your pipes or other appliances. But you can’t underestimate the higher damages these simple things could cause. For instance, clogging seems simple and it keeps making the passage of water through pipes difficult. This means the pump pressure for circulating water around your house is higher. The more pressure on the machine, it becomes prone to break down faster. The mineral build-up is not even done with your home appliances. You will start noticing that other appliances like dishwashers, coffee machines, and laundry machines are asking for repair or replacement too quickly. Even the mineral build-up makes hard water take a bit longer to get hot or get cold as you wish. So when you use Pristine Water Softeners, you aren’t just spending on the softener you are saving on future expenses and stress.

You can even highlight the specific areas you are saving bills:

  • Plumbing: if the hard water in your home is severe, you might realize that the pipes are clogged one day and you need to repair them.
  • Electricity and Gas: the culprit again is clogged or build-up in pipes (hard water). Water pressure increases when the water needs to pass through the clogged pipe. In the same manner, the narrowing of space inside the pipe will result in the water heater getting to greater temperatures before the water can get hot. This is because heat isn’t transferred efficiently in the heater. Therefore, you are increasing bills on electricity or gas.
  • Detergents and Soaps: it is more difficult for hard water to form lather with soap. To overcome this, you need to put more soap and end up using more, buying more to wash, bathe and clean. Alternatively, you can boil water to use for washing, 
  • Appliances: such as laundry machine and your dishwasher.

2. You are Making a Good Choice for Your Hair and Skin

Hard water isn’t a friendly thing to your skin and hair. The mineral build-up isn’t good for them when you shower or bathe. You must have noticed the build-up, a kind of soap scum. Pristine Water Softeners will prevent this kind of thing. The soft water is free of build-up and forms lather better than hard ones. Soft water has many benefits for your skin that makes you wish you had been using it since you were born (for the sake of your skin).

In fact, let’s be specific.

  • Clear skin: skin tends to hold the water’s moisture for longer. Bathing in hard water isn’t beneficial because it leaves your skin deprived of its natural oil. 
  • Softer and clean hair: soft water tends to make your hair pH in balance. This is different from how dry and brittle your hair feels when washing with hard water. Your hair will not look as dull when you make the switch to soft water.

This idea in the second point can also be used to explain why it is better to wash clothes and do laundry with soft water. Remember, all you have to do is employ Pristine Water Softeners.