5 Reasons Wooden Pallets Are Safe For The Food Industry


Almost all industry leaders prefer wooden pallets manufactured by pallet company near me because of their sanitary properties. They also offer a host of other benefits. Earlier, wooden pallets were used in the food sector for the transportation of food. Wooden Pallets are the top-most choice of most production industries. They not only rank high in terms of safety but are also sturdy and offer excellent load performance. They are also quite affordable and suit the budget of all income groups. Some researchers suggest that wood pallets are safer than other alternatives because contaminants are directly absorbed into the wood. Wooden pallets offer a variety of benefits like:

  • Wood is a safe material, and when food comes in contact with it, the quality of food doesn’t degrade.
  • Contaminants do not remain on wooden surfaces for a long time.
  • Wooden pallets can be easily sterilized.
  • Good quality wood pellets don’t get punctured easily. They are damage-resistant.
  • Unaka pallets adhere to industry specifications

1. Wood Is Considered Safe for Food

Clean and dry wood does not serve as a breeding ground for pathogens and bacteria. It doesn’t allow pathogens to build up, which means wood will not pose any health risks to bacteria or microbe build-up. Wood also can remove all sorts of contaminants from its surface. All the same, if you do not look after the surface, it can lead to contamination.

2. Contaminants Won’t Stay On Wood Surfaces.

According to research, wooden surfaces can absorb contaminants and make the surface clean and tidy. This means if contaminants come into contact with a wooden pallet, any pathogens or liquids present on the surfaces will be absorbed into the wood fibers and channelized away from the pallet’s surface. Materials like plastic don’t possess this ability, and hence the contaminant remains trapped on the surface of plastic materials. There is an increased risk of cross-contamination, too, when you use other materials.

3. Wood Can Be Easily Sterilized

As discussed above, wood is generally considered safe to store food. You can clean and sterilize wooden pallets easily through heat treatment. Food manufacturers and distributors mostly use heat-treated wooden pallets. These pallets eliminate all microbes and pests. To remove or eliminate the moisture, pallets can be kiln-dried too. This prevents any kind of mold growth.

4. Quality Pallets Won’t Damage Packaging

Many times, if you buy wooden pallets from a renowned supplier, they are often higher quality and will not puncture or get damaged easily. The packaging also remains intact for a long time which is a significant concern for people engaged in the food business. Damaged packaging can enable contaminants to contact the food and increase the risk of leakages or any kind of product damage. If you use a high-quality pallet, it won’t have exposed nails that might damage packaging.

5. GMA Pallet Meets Industry Specifications

The 48 x 40 GMA pallet is the industry-standard pallet for food transportation. The Consumer Brands Association (CBA), earlier known as the Groceries Manufacturers Association, has set certain performance and pallet design standards. Pallets that are manufactured to meet these standards and specifications are reliable and ensure the best performance. These pallets rank high in terms of reliability, meaning they have a very low failure rate and are not likely to contaminate or damage the foodstuff. Wooden GMA pallet is very popular in the food industry and is being used all across the globe.

Wooden pallets are considered an excellent packaging solution, especially for food producers and distributors, due to their comparatively low cost, great load-bearing capacity, and cleanliness and hygiene level. They can be easily sanitized and cleaned through heat treatment and don’t allow the bacteria and microbes to evolve. They can also be cleaned and dried quickly. If they meet all industry specifications, they last for a long time. Pallet consultants are used by farmers, grocery distributors, and food producers.

Unaka wooden pallets are high-quality, clean, and go through quality control procedures. They are guaranteed to fulfill your expectations in terms of food packaging needs. You can talk to our experts to get more information about our customized pallets and food-safe GMA.

Unaka is a professional pallet manufacturer offering a wide range of pallet products such as custom-sized pallets, specialized pallets, recycled pallets, and many more. We provide high-quality pallets to people engaged in food industries across the country. Get in touch with us to see if we can meet your pallet needs.

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