5 Reasons Why You Need A Pool Pump Timer


Having a pool pump for your pool is not optional since you’ll need your pool pump to filter the
pool water and make it safe for use continuously.
However, the challenge of using a pool pump is its high energy consumption, which might
significantly affect your monthly utility. This is why you need to consider getting a pool pump

A pool pump timer is used to set the duration you want your pool pump to work. Preferably, this
time should be a period when no one is using the pool. You can connect the timer to a power
switch, which is then connected to your pool pump.

Automatic electric filter engine for swimming pool in the backyard.

By using a pool pump timer, you can reduce energy bills and regulate the amount of energy you
use per pump.

In addition to that, below are more reasons why you need a pool pump timer:

1. Regulated Pumping Duration

The major challenge of using a pool pump is that most pool pumps by design work 24/7, thereby
increasing your energy bills. The primary reason for this is that most pool pump manufacturing
companies believe that your pool should be filtered continuously.

However, you can work around this challenge by using a pool pump timer. A pool pump timer
will allow you to set the times and duration you want your pool to pump.

You can set it in such a way that there’s an intermittent regulated break in between the duration
of pumping. The ability to control the pump time of your pool pump is one of the primary
reasons why you need a pool pump timer.

2. Reduced Energy Consumption

Another hidden fact about pool pumps is that they consume high energy when they work. Now,
if you allow your pool pump to operate round the clock, you’ll discover that you’re incurring a
high rate of energy consumption coming from your pool pumping activities alone.

Energy consumption might not be an issue until you consider the fact that you have other
appliances in your home that are also consuming energy. This is why you need a swimming pool

timers for pump to regulate the time your pool pump works. By doing so, you control your
energy consumption.

3. Regulate Utility (Power) Bills

Utility bills are a significant challenge for most households. The amount of money you have to
pay per month to keep the home running sometimes can get scary.

However, one of the ways to reduce high utility bills is to curb and regulate the use of home
appliances that consume high amounts of energy. Doing this will cause a significant reduction in
the power consumed and a corresponding reduction in the bills.

Using a pool pump timer is an example of how you can regulate high energy bills. By using one,
you can successfully control the duration of your pumping activities the most minimum time
duration possible.

You’ll also discover over time that you’ve been able to drastically reduce how much you pay for
utility bills monthly.

4. Safe/Clean Water

Most people doubt the ability of a regulated pool pump to effectively make the water in their
swimming pool safe for use. Their logic stems from the idea that the pool pump has to work
every time to get clean pool water, which is the way pool pump manufacturers designed it in the
first place.

The fear of most people is justifiable when it comes to safety and health care guidelines, but
grossly inappropriate when it comes to the overall result. The truth is that there’s no difference in
the safety levels of pools that are using pool pump 24/7 and those who use pool pump at
periodical hours of the day.

Using a pool pump timer to regulate how you pump produces the same safe water result as with
using a pool pump without any regulations.

5. Removes Stress

Another primary reason why you need a pool pump timer is to save yourself from the periodic
stress of manually trying to switch on and off your pool pump.

Some people do manually regulate the use of their pool pump by setting alarms to remind them
of the times of operation and use of the pump. It’s an economical way to go but not a smart

Manually regulating the pool pump timer also comes with so much stress as you have to be
around the pool every time to monitor the manual regulation accurately. If you’re not available at
the programmed time for pumping activities, you might also compromise the safety of the water
in the pool.

This is why it’s advisable you get a pool pump timer that’s automated and doesn't require your
presence to regulate its activities. Using this type of pool pump timer will significantly reduce
any stress that comes with pumping your swimming pool.


A pool pump timer allows you to enjoy your pool, removing the stress of manually pumping the
water, and reducing your energy bills.

Some other benefits that come with using a pool pump timer include, save and clean water,
energy-efficient, and regulated pumping duration. These great benefits make a pool pump timer a
must-have item for every swimming pool owner.

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