5 Reasons To Play Golf In The Algarve this Spring

Are you longing for a lifetime experience in golf and you are unable to choose a destination from so many options? To enjoy golf this spring completely, consider the Portugal’s south coast. The Algarve, on the sunny coast is among the most revered places for golfing internationally. Best Algarve Golf Courses experts have discussed in-depth why you should consider this destination for an amazing golf holiday.

Variety of Golf Courses

one special thing why you should consider Algarve is the best courses on golfing. They come with offers that you won’t find in the entire of Europe which include accommodating every persons budget as well as the level of competency. Among the courses that will pique you interest are San Lorenzo, Vilamoura Old, Jack Nicklaus designed by Monte Rei and Quinta de Lago’s Laranjal Course among others. Though a course like Nicklaus’s track is a bit expensive, it is among the best and worth it. There are other great courses like the Victoria Course which are perfectly designed to give you prominent exposure in Portugal sunny atmosphere.

Fantastic Restaurants and Hotels Options

Algarve has no shortage of great hotels which are known for their overall classic accommodation. Magnolia is among the best and lively hotels if you prefer a busier surrounding like the Vilamoura. For those who like is better when secluded, Monte Rei in Tavira small town will do the trick a quiet paradise. most of hotels here have a connection with the golf courses like the Golf result of Amendoeira. Other activities to enjoy on the side include hiking, paint-balling and dolphin watching among many more.

Great resturants

Algarve has also fantastic places to get great recipes, night outs, live music and sports, and drinks. There is also fresh seafood supply always among other local foods like the traditional chili chicken of the Portuguese. Actually, I cannot mention it all when it comes to Restaurants in Algarve. When you visit here this spring, make sure you visit the famous Melting Pot pub and which has an English theme and enjoy the hilarious Super Block.

Pleasant Beaches

After soaking yourself with unsurpassed golf courses chilling out on the beach sounds like a great idea. There is a beautiful beach near every hotel here whether you are parked in Tavira, Vilamoura or around the Albufeira area. Praia de Dona Ana is one of the most stunning beaches with magnificent tropical cliffs backdrop and sand stretches together with the attracting blue waters.

The wonderful climate

Algarve enjoys sunshine almost all year round which is one of the best selling points of the area. Portugal’s coast is among the sunniest region which explains the love of the region by many golfers. However, some seasons of the year are better than others for visiting. The months when the summer is most intense are not as wonderful as the rest of the year. However, summer’s here are not as crazy as in some other countries. Still, the best period to enjoy your stay in Algarve is during spring or in Autumn, especially towards the end. Consider having a great golf gateway this spring in Algarve and enjoy the great weather.

Other things that are interesting to spice your golf experience in Algarve include Snorkeling as there are great options for this. This includes the popular coves and waters, rock formations, underground caves among other perfect diving features. The Wine here is also fantastic with at its taste, aroma and effect being so amazing. The flavors of grape are many which include the red Castelao and Negra Mole. From this, it is evident that Algrave offers not only great golf experiences but also many other ways to have fun when not stroking the ball.