5 Reasons to Hire A Tree Removal Company VS Doing It Yourself

There are many reasons why you may want a tree removing. Perhaps you’ve moved into a new property, and you have a vision for the garden, one that doesn’t have a massive tree stuck in the middle of it? Maybe you’re concerned that having a tree so near to your property could damage the foundations of it, with the tree roots? Or you’re worried that in a storm your property is at greater risk of damage of a broken roof or windows, from falling limbs or the tree itself? Perhaps a tree is blocking all the light from the window of a room in your house? Or creating a nuisance with falling leaves? Possibly you can see that the tree is diseased and want it removed or the tree may be dead. So, whatever your reason, removing a tree is a lot of work, and it’s best to hire Salt Lake City tree removal company to do this for you, rather than attempting to tackle it yourself. Here are five reasons why: 

Avoid Self Injury

This is the main reason. To attempt to remove a tree, requires more tools and equipment than the average home gardener usually has. It can require chainsaws, hand saws and ladders. If you try to do it yourself, there is a high chance that you could sustain an injury, and this could end up being long-term. Is that really worth it? Removing a tree can involve lopping off limbs which could mean you cut yourself. If it’s a tall tree you may need a ladder which comes with its own risk of falls. Trees are solid and massively heavy, trying to dig out a tree stump and roots takes an enormous amount of effort without the right equipment and you could cause damage to your back.  If your tree is near overhead powerlines, there is a risk of electrocution which could result in death. 

Expertise with Storm Damage

If you’re needing to have a tree removed due to a storm, tree removal experts have had years of experience in dealing with situations like this. They’ll be able to assess the situation and work out which is the best way to remove the tree without causing any further damage to your property. If you attempted to do this yourself, it’s likely to be a hit or miss result, because you won’t have had regular experience in this. It could be that you inadvertently cause unnecessary damage to your property. 

Getting Rid of Waste

After a tree is removed, this will obviously generate lots of waste in the way of branches, leaves, roots, bark, stump, soil, stones etc. This is an enormous amount of waste to then have to try and properly remove yourself. Tree removal experts can leave your property looking clean and tidy after tree removal; some tree removal companies may have a forestry mulching machine, which has chipper tools to shred any branches, leaves and logs. This saves you the task of facing a very messy garden after the tree has been removed.

Unintentional Damage to Properties

If you’re attempting to fell a tree, experts know the right way to do this. For non-experts you only need to look a comedy home-video clips where trees have gone unintentionally crashing through porches and roofs etc. If you don’t know what you’re doing, and don’t have years of experience, you could unintentionally bring a tree down on your own property, or one of your neighbours, or onto vehicles of powerlines. A tree removal expert is less likely to cause unintentional damage, and in the event that they did, they’ll be insured for it.

Protecting the Garden Landscape

If you were to chop a tree down yourself, you’re likely to be left with the stump. If you leave this in the ground, it can look unsightly, it’s something which can be tripped over, and pests may infest it, and then other garden plants. Tree stumps do go down a long way into the ground and can be incredibly difficult to remove. Tree removal experts have been trained in how to tackle this and will often use grinders using equipment most home gardeners do not own. Removing tree stumps can cause an enormous amount of upheaval to the ground, and tree removal experts are used to doing this and causing the least disruption to surrounding areas possible.  If a tree is being removed due to disease the tree removal experts will give advice on the disease and suggestions to prevent other trees or plants becoming infected. 

So, to conclude, above are five sound reasons why hiring a tree removal expert could be a better option, rather than attempting to do this yourself. You can find some reliable reviews online to help you decide who to work with. It may save you from injury; experts have storm damage knowledge; it will avoid damaging your or other people’s property; they’ll get rid of waste; and they’ll protect and preserve your garden.