5 New Features That You Can Find in Roof Hatches

The roof area is an integral part of the entire building. It protects the structure from direct heat, rain, snow, and hail. In commercial buildings, it is also the area that contains part of the HVAC system that regulates the ventilation and temperature of the entire building. This vital function is the reason why the roof area needs accessibility for repairs and maintenance.

This need for accessibility is one of the reasons why a commercial building must have a roof hatch. This installation will make it easier for both equipment and workforce to service the building’s roof area. Here are five new features that you might find interesting about roof hatches:

1. Telescoping Poles – This addition is a safety feature that newly built roof hatches should have when there is ladder access. It is essential to prevent any fall-related incidents that could cause harm. It provides support if the ladder is slippery or in an event where the service personnel gets out of balance.

This feature is a requirement in some buildings, and OSHA strongly recommends the use of this feature. Failure to follow the ruling set by the regulatory body will result in fines. Furthermore, the addition of this installation will result in further increasing the safety and ease of work for the ones doing the maintenance.

2. Built to Resist Damage – Most roof hatches are of metal which makes them resistant to damage. However, others have extra resistance that makes them last even longer. As metal corrodes over time, especially if exposed to moisture, some roof hatches are made with galvanized steel to prevent them from rusting.

3. Built to Give Light – Some roof hatch are not just for maintenance but also for letting natural light into the building. If the building is for industrial use, this feature is a must-have, especially if the place is not well lit. This feature is excellent if there is a need to cut down on electrical costs.

4. Built for Security – Some roof hatches are for security purposes to protect the people inside the building. They ensure extra protection against trespassers that might use the roof area as an entry point. These kinds of roof hatch last long and are highly resistant to damages because it comes from heavy-duty materials.

5. Smoke Vent Feature – Roof hatches can also function as smoke vents. Smoke will undoubtedly rise, which makes roof hatches a perfect smoke vent to let the gases out. There are roof hatches specifically built as smoke vents. You can find them in industrial buildings that commonly have flammable materials inside to release smoke, heat, and other poisonous gases.


Roof hatches are already an integral part of the maintenance structure of the building. Without this component, it won’t be easy to service and maintain the roof area and may result in many problems as time passes. There are many variants of new features roof hatches. Finding one is a piece of cake when you consult a professional for sound advice.