5 Must-have Toolkit for Home Improvement DIYers


DIY stands for ‘Do It Yourself’. DIYs are very much fun as they allow you to be more insightful, creative, and mind-blowing. DIY projects are fun because they also help in saving you a lot of money, bring out your creativity and utmost imagination along with many other benefits. DIYs will encourage you to be more attentive to your home as you will always be thinking about how to re-decorate your house with more fun and uniquely creative DIY projects. 

You just need to maintain a toolkit for your home improvement DIYs and this habit will help you to save a lot of money on home repairs, decors, maintenance, etc.

In this article, we will tell you about 5 must-have toolkits for your next home improvement DIY activity. Also, visit the link to find out the best leather tape measure holder

1. Hammer

Hammers are used for whacking a nail in the wall or wood etc. A nail is useless without the proper hammer. These are handheld tools that are used to strike or whack other objects or surfaces. Many hammers also have a claw opposite to their head which can be used to pry out the nails too. A perfect hammer is a 16-ounce hammer with a smooth head and a curved claw. This size is ideal for using hammers for uses like hanging pictures on the walls, repairing decks, etc. 

Hammers can help you to save money as you can buy ready-to-assemble items and DIY on them with these kinds of tools in your toolkit. You will not have to hire contractors or assemblers. It will also help you to save time as you can do small to moderate repairing yourself. 

2. Screwdrivers 

Most of the things at your home are attached or joined with different types of screws. These screws are put in and removed by the use of screwdrivers. You will need a screwdriver to repair anything from a doorknob to a fridge as their most essential parts are connected with the help of these screws. A quality screwdriver will help you to explore and repair most of your household things. 

There comes a screwdriver with an electrical current detector, it will allow you to detect electric current in any object or equipment before repairing it for saving you from an electric shock.

Hence, a screwdriver is a very important tool for your DIY toolkit. Ideal screwdrivers come in very handy and comfortable grips. However, these days best cordless screwdrivers drills are very useful and in trend. 

3. Adjustable wrenches

Things that are not just joined with nails or screws are basically attached with other material, i.e, nuts and bolts, for which you will need a wrench. Wrenches are technically used to tighten or loosen nuts and bolts but they can also be used for various other uses like gripping, fastening or turning any nuts and bolts. There are two types of wrenches available, one is a 6 inches wrench that can fit into close and small spaces, and another, a longer 10 inches wrench that will help you to work on things with the larger surface area. A basic DIY toolkit should have both sizes of wrenches so that you are able to use them according to your need. 

You can save money by using these wrenches for your DIY home repairs and maintenance as you will be able to do basic plumbing and mechanical tasks yourself without calling for any plumber or mechanic.

4. Utility knives

A utility knife can be used for various small household tasks like opening boxes, trimming wallpapers, cutting pallet wraps, installing carpets etc. All those tasks that are difficult and tricky to do with scissors can be done with these utility knives easily. These are the safest for use as their blade parts are inside the handles to allow the ease of storing etc. Many utility knives have different lengths of blades which allows you to go into various depths of the material that you are cutting. There are many types of utility knives available, i.e, double-edged knives, rounded-tip blades, pointed replacement blades, etc. 

These can be used for many types of crafts too like cutting a thermocol, cutting hides, butchering fishes, etc. 

5. Tape measures

A tape measure or a measuring tape is a flexible ruler stored in a plastic tie box. In most DIY projects, accuracy in your measurements is very important as the success of your whole project can depend on your measurements.  It can be used for various household tasks such as measuring a pipe, area of walls, measurements of different things, etc. 

It is one of the most commonly used DIY tools. It generally consists of a ribbon of cloth, plastic, fiberglass, and a metal grip for linear measurement markings.


These were the 5 top must-have toolkits that you need the most while your home improvement DIY projects. These tools will help you to save bundles of money as they will cut your costs of hiring mechanics, plumbers, electricians, carpenters, etc. when used correctly and properly. DIY home improvement projects are very fun as they will connect you to your home more closely. You will start taking care of your home. You will be more innovative while decorating or redecorating your home decors. Hence, these are the basic 5 must-have tools that you need to have in your toolkit for your home improvement DIY projects. 

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