5 Life Changing Interior Design Ideas for Small Spaces


When you fail to style up a small room correctly, it might end up feeling like a prison. If you cannot afford to remodel your small space to increase its size, you should work with an interior designer to give the illusion of more room. Here are some life-changing interior design ideas that will help you to transform your small space:

Choose the Right Cabinets for the Right Room

For tiny rooms, ready to assemble cabinets are ideal. You should look up phrases such as ‘ready to assemble kitchen cabinets – Cabinet City’, to find sellers. As sensible as pre-assembled furniture would be for your small room, it might not go well with the space. If you choose the right euro-style cabinets, they might help you to save space whilst adding a modern feel to your space.

Hang Your Furniture

If you have strong points of attachment on your ceiling, you should be able to hang wicker chairs to a chain. You can also suspend your love seat to free up some floor space. You can always hoist up your furniture to the ceiling whenever you are not using it.

Hanging your furniture lets you double down on the small space. You should also consider investing in a folding bed for the same reason – it folds up to increase space when not in use.

Tapestries, Carpets, and Blankets

Tapestries, Carpets, and Blankets

People use carpets to brighten up their houses and protect their floors. Moreover, a good quality carpet will feel great under your feet. When your carpet gets old, you can always buy a new one or clean the dust out of it. All the dirt and dust settles into the carpet. If you do not attach your carpet to the floor and clean it regularly, it will last much longer.

You can control how your room looks by laying blankets on your furniture. Additionally, you can use tapestries to bring some light to your home because they reflect light. If you want to turn your garage into a serene, psychedelic space, you should consider hanging some tapestry. However, this design idea might make you seem older than you are, so you should not go overboard.

Take Advantage of Vertical Spaces

If you want to turn your bedroom into an entertainment spot, you should invest in a bed that is five feet off the floor. Of course, this depends on how high your ceiling is. A tall bed allows you to utilize extra space under the bed.

You can also stack your washer and dryer on top of each other if you want to save on floor space by utilizing vertical space. Make sure that your washer and dryer are stackable before attempting to put one on top of the other. You do not want to ruin your laundry machines while trying to save space.

Windows, Mirrors, Paintings, Portraits, and Pictures

Using mirrors in your house doubles the diffusion of light throughout. Portraits, pictures, and paintings, on the other hand, add flavor to a room and distract the mind from thinking about its actual size. People will stop thinking about how small the room is and focus on the art pieces.

To add some character to a space, you should consider adding colored film to your windows. Opening your windows lets a cool, relaxing breeze into your house. If you can afford it, you should consider installing more windows in your house for extra light.

Also make sure you round out rooms with skirting board – visit website for more information.


When you follow the above tips, you will notice that even the smallest space will look bigger. You need to figure out the tips that apply to your space and use them.


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