5 Home Improvements for 2022


Some homeowners decided to put off home improvements in 2021. They may have seen the queues at the DIY stores and decided against it, in favor of putting their feet up.

If that sounds like you, then it’s time to rethink that for 2022. Many home improvement projects have been completed by the overeager, which now leaves plenty of opportunities to obtain supplies and get some tasks knocked off the list. Also, if there are some ‘always wanted’ items on the list too, then there’s never been a better time to get after them.

Here are 5 home improvements to consider for 2022.

1. Remodel the Kitchen

Older kitchens begin to show their age pretty quickly.

The countertops are breaking off at the ends or are increasingly getting chipped due to their slightly brittle nature. Kitchen equipment is a daily annoyance, whether it’s the garbage disposal always playing up, the refrigerator is too small for an expanded family, or the kitchen was just badly designed.

Using kitchen remodeling experts like C.K Lewis resolves these kinds of issues because they can take a fresh look at what’s already there and assess the options. For instance, they offer remodeling services that allow homeowners to think about relocating a sink, updating a countertop, or adding larger kitchen appliances and reimagining the layout to accommodate them.

It’s also possible that a review of the kitchen and what’s feasible with the existing space could indicate that the best option is a brand new one. That’s also achievable too.

2. Give the Bathroom a Complete Redo

Bathrooms age with time. They could look out of date if they’re over a decade old.

Also, you may be frustrated with the lack of space or current configuration. If you prefer a bath installation instead of the shower or believe that the vanity units could be replaced with something better, then a bathroom remodel is one possibility.

However, when the age of the bathroom and its units is such that ripping it out and starting over is going to be best, then a complete redo might be in order. Bear in mind this works far better when it’s a multi-bathroom home, so the inconvenience is considerably reduced. Otherwise, you’re looking at an extended stay at a hotel while the work is going on.

3. Add a Deck

One of the dream projects might be a deck to go over the existing yet uninspiring patio.

A deck can feel different from sitting on a patio chair at the same level as the lawn. The raised perspective gives a unique feeling. A wooden railing around the deck could give it a more contained look if that’s included too.

Adding potted plants, seating, and tables to the deck can provide outdoor space that’s more to your liking. It’s also possible to include an overhead covering to allow extended use of the deck even when the weather is unreliable, though it is still more used in spring and summer.

Also, be aware that deck maintenance must be performed to keep it in good condition. Otherwise, the wood can deteriorate if it goes unmanaged. However, it’s not excessive and doesn’t require many hours over a year.

4. Replace the Old Lighting

Older lighting systems cost more to keep the lights on and can provide insufficient illumination.

While adding standing lamps, up lights, and other solutions can temporarily boost the luminance in a room, at a certain point it becomes necessary to consider a significant change.

Upgrading the lighting system includes rewiring and increasing capacity. It needs to be completed by a qualified electrician. To get LED lights and other new fixtures in place, it’ll be necessary to remodel part of the home to remove the old and hide the new wiring system.

Also, it’s possible that older wiring has become significantly dilapidated and represents a safety risk. When this is determined, it’ll be necessary to rewire the entire home anyway.

5. Install Hardwood Flooring

Some homeowners dislike carpeting and feel it never gets clean enough. If that sounds like you, then it may be time to strip the carpet out and install hardwood flooring instead.

The advantage of using wooden flooring is that it’s easier to clean it and will feel like nothing is hiding in the carpet threads. Purchase rugs and other covering to make it feel homelier.

Some maintenance will be required every few years to keep the hardwood flooring in good condition. It will need sanding down and re-staining to bring back its original color. This also serves to protect it from wear and moisture.

Some home improvements are larger than others. Choose the right season to do them. Also, allow enough time because bigger projects can require weeks, not days, to complete. When hiring professionals to perform the task, it’ll need to be booked in based on their availability too.

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