5 Home Improvement Ideas for Your Shower and Bath


A new and improved shower and bath improves the quality and value of your home and makes it better adapted to your needs and wants.

Improvements are also tagged along with renovations, which will reward you and your family for the years that will come by.

If you plan to spend some money on the renovation and improvement of your home, you should consider making the changes that will be good for your budget range. You should also take into consideration the essential changes that you are going to make with your shower and bath. Improvement for the bathroom should also consider space’s functionality, storage and comfort.

Hiring a professional designer is a great investment that will go a long way. You can try to check some professional examples at https://www.virginiashowerandbath.com.

Sand between Every Coat of Paint

When you are planning to change the old paint of your bathroom, you should always sand between every coat of paint that you put on the wall.

It’s a convenient way of saving work if you do so. Every time you sand the paint, it removes any imperfections like brush strokes and gives you a smooth finish.

Sanding down paint also hides the rough edges of the walls. You also take out that pesky dirt and grime that have built up on your wall. Not only that, you even out the wall’s surface before applying an additional coat of paint.

Don’t Skip on The Lightings

Feel like your shower and bath is straight out of a 90s horror movie? Probably it’s because it’s too dark there.

Consider adding more light or use a brighter light for your bathroom.

It brings out the natural beauty of your bathroom and allows you to feel the room more because you tend to see more of the bathroom.

Dedicate a Separate Receptacle Circuit for Lights

Another good improvement idea if the electricians that made your house skipped on this. Dedicating a separate circuit for your lights will be very convenient if a receptacle breaks in the future.

Since the circuits are separate from one another, you can pinpoint immediately which line is terrible and needs fixing or replacing.

Separating circuits also adds another form of safety.

Get Enough Ventilation

This should always be a rule of thumb for every shower and bathroom. Imagine needing to use the toilet right after someone else just finished using it. The smell tends to linger because of poor ventilation.

Installing a ventilation fan helps a lot in dealing with that outrageous smell. Not only that, but it prevents the mirrors from fogging up if someone is using the hot shower.

Get a Heated Floor Tile

Among the coldest parts of the house, the bathroom is one of them. Imagine the need to take a shower, but you have to brace the cold breeze from the bathroom first. Heated tile floors prevent that from happening.

Heated floor tiles provide warm ambient temperature for the floor and the entire room. This, in return, provides a comfortable trip to the bathroom which makes the temperature no different of the whole house. It also prevents moulds from forming up between the tiles.

So there you have it. These are some of the common home improvement ideas that you can do for your bathroom or shower.

Some of them might already be done for your bathroom, but it never hurts to add some more improvements to your home. They bring joy to you and your family, and it also improves the quality and value of your home.

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