5 great ways to make your home a furry-friendly kingdom


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Whether you are or about to be the proud owner of a dog or cat, your home should also be a welcoming place for your favourite furry friends rather than only being tailored towards its two-legged residents. There are many great – and even quite genius – ways to decorate your home around your pets to make it feel like a true sanctuary while also making.

In this article, you can pick up five smart and creative examples of how you can transform your house to further accommodate your beloved pets.

Create a customised “pet cave”

Like most humans, pets need their own space they can retreat to and perhaps take a nice long nap. You don’t need to settle for a simple dog basket and call it a day. Instead, create a fully fleshed-out hideaway fit for a true king or queen, such as integrating a dedicated space for your pet as a part of the kitchen island or the cabinet, and decorate it to reflect your pet’s personality. The tailored nook for your pet also creates a feeling of comfort and security.

The mother of all pet stations

You can also take the pet cave another step further by creating a complete pet station with both resting for your pet, pet bowls and storage options for your various pet supplies such as toys, food and dog bags. That way, you can condense it all into one single setup and keep the rest of the house relatively free of various pet-related clutter while you have everything you may need within a short range.

Make the wall a vertical playground for your cat

Cats are highly agile pets, and they love jumping up and down from and to different objects. You can easily design your home around enabling plenty of freedom for your cat to unfold – all without it taking up too much space in the room.

Take full advantage of the free space on the wall to install different types of platforms placed at different levels to keep your cat well-entertained indoors. You can also include a wall-mounted cat bed to create a comfy and sheltered space that your cat will surely love.

Choose your flooring wisely

Not so much a creative solution but a highly useful one is to carefully select flooring that is as easy as possible to keep clean. If you have even the slightest experience housing pets, you’ll definitely know that carpet flooring is a complete no-go. Hardwood floors can also often be quite troubling as they are more vulnerable to scratches, dents and stains. To avoid too much hassle, stick with laminate flooring, stone or ceramic tiles.

Create a safe haven for your dirty pets

You can probably imagine returning back home after you’ve walked your dog, and in almost the same motion as you open the door, it rushes straight inside and takes its fair share of mud and dirt with it inside, leaving a mess all over the house.

That’s why you should consider installing an extra door or a dog gate in the entryway to stop your pet from leaving you in the dust as soon as you enter the house. A good idea is to also make sure that you are stocked up on essential supplies, such as pet wipes and treats, and have them easily accessible to you near the entrance.

If you have the space and opportunity for it, like in the utility room, you can install a pet-washing station to make bath time an easier task. Make a small showering area with everything you need, such as pet shampoo and towels, to get your pet nice and clean. You can also decorate the space to truly make it your four-legged friend’s own inviting bathhouse.

Have fun with the pet-friendly interior design

Transforming your home to accommodate not only you but also your beloved furry buddy presents a great opportunity to think creatively and try out more playful designs that make the very most out of the available space. Plus, it will make your home feel truly unique.

If you’re looking for more ideas to make your pet feel even more at home, vidaXL has plenty of different animal and pet supplies at favourable prices. No matter what you think your house is missing to become a pet-friendly kingdom, you’ll likely find whatever you need, whether it is a playground for your cat, a unique food bowl, a nice place for your pet to rest or something entirely different.

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