5 Factors to Consider When Buying Swaddle Blankets


There is that joy when your newborn child comes from the hospital wrapped in a neat tiny swaddle with only its fuzzy little head popping out. Swaddling is one of the secrets to keeping your baby happy and calm, buying yourself as a parent some time off for your sleep which I’m sure you lack so much. Swaddling restricts baby movement of the limbs to prevent any mishap helping your baby feel more safe and secure since they somehow recreate the womb environment. They prevent the baby from triggering her startle reflex, which may potentially wake them up.  Here’s some help in choosing the best baby swaddles.

1. Size of The Swaddle

Size depends on the type of blanket, with each having some fair amount of variations and leeway. Your baby should have enough space to ensure she can move her legs freely to prevent certain conditions like hip dysplasia. Swaddles are supposed to keep the baby warm, not suffocated. Her comfort should be your top priority.

2. Material

There are tons of swaddle blankets made by many different fabrics. It is recommended that the best blanket is one made of soft (organic) cotton, muslin, or bamboo. Your baby might have sensitive skin or has a certain skin condition, so choosing the best fabric can help alleviate some of her discomforts. The bamboo fabric is ideal for swaddles since they are super soft, antimicrobial, and are not abrasive to the skin. They keep your baby’s skin nice and fresh due to the ability to thermal regulating and are super absorbent. Read and understand the labels before you make any purchase.

3. Type of Fastening

The most common types of fasteners for swaddle blankets are zippers, Velcro, and tie strings. It is among the top considerations since they have their pros and cons. It is up to you as a parent to know which one is the best for your child. This is helpful when it comes to midnight diaper changes; thus, consider buying a swaddle with a zipper at the bottom.

4. Design

On top of being attractive, you should pick a more functional swaddle. The design means a lot more than fashion. The most comfortable way for babies to sleep is with their hands upright; therefore, good swaddles should help them do so together with offering a well-outlined waistline to grip for the baby.

You have to learn how baby swaddles are used to make sure your baby is comfortable throughout the swaddling process. This process, as seen above, proves to be beneficial to both you and your baby. However, there are risks involved if not carefully handled. Swaddling can lead to Sudden Infant Death Syndrome (SIDS), which can happen when the folds are too close to the baby’s neck, therefore, obstructing her windpipe. You should also swaddle for a limited time only to avoid cases of your baby losing her ability of arousal. Make sure you get the ropes right.

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