5 Exterior Window Remodels to Update the Look of Your Home


Most of the time, windows are thought of from an interior perspective. While windows do have a large impact on the way the inside of your home feels, they can also have a big impact on the exterior of your home. The right window and window design can add charm while creating a focal point on your home’s facade. If you are interested in updating the exterior of your home, be sure to think about window installation. To get started, consider these five exterior window remodels.

1. Start Your New Look With Shutters

Shutters are probably the most common exterior upgrade during window installation. Shutters can be made from wood or vinyl, and they are installed on the sides of your exterior window frame. For the best wood shutters, you should contact timber shutter suppliers. While these standard additions are a good place to start, you can create an even more dramatic change. Consider making the shutters functional so they can open and close to control the sunlight that comes into the home. More than that, consider painting your shutters. Bold and contrasting colors are a great way to go. You can even take bland existing shutters and give them a makeover in this manner. Meanwhile, here is our top recommendation if you are asking about the best vinyl awnings near me.

2. Keep It Fresh With New Window Boxes

Another great upgrade during window installation is to put in a window box. Window boxes are quaint features that can be added at the bottom of your window frame. The boxes are generally small, allowing for a row of plants along the exterior of your window. Many people like window boxes because they allow you to add color and life to the exterior of your home. As an added bonus, window boxes can be very affordable. In fact, many do-it-yourself options are available.

3. Create Whimsy With New Awnings

Awnings can provide a new look for your home’s exterior. An awning is installed over a window, creating a shaded area. In some cases, awnings are made from metal, but you can choose other versions in wood or fabric as well. The trick with awnings is to make them seamless with the rest of your home’s exterior. The look of the awning should match the style and feel of your home. One cool thing about awnings is that they provide real benefits inside the home as well. Awnings minimize the amount of direct sunlight in some areas, which can make the home more livable.

5 Exterior Window Remodels

4. Go Big By Adding A Balcony

If you want something a little more substantial for your home’s exterior, consider going all out with a balcony. A balcony sounds dramatic, but a small one can easily be added to your home’s windows. Obviously, balconies are only logical on the upper windows. You can make the balconies small and mostly decorative. However, you can also look into slightly larger balconies that can be accessed via the windows.

5. Stay Sunny With Window Grills

The last option for updating the exterior of your home through window design is grills. Window grills are not overly common in Canada, but they are mainstays on homes in the Mediterranean. If you are worried about grills looking like prison bars, then be assured. There are plenty of whimsical grill options that are quaint and attractive. Install the grill so it can open and close like a shutter for the maximum impact.

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