5 Essential Tips When Creating an Accent Wall in Your Home


Have you decided you’re ready to tackle a renovation project in the home, but you want something that you can do yourself, isn’t too time-consuming, provides maximum impact, and is budget-friendly? That’s a long list, but there is a project that can tick all those boxes – creating an accent wall.

Accent walls are meant to act as a focal point in the room. They can create interest, drama, elegance, sophistication, and really bring a design together. They are what makes the room unique so it stands out from the rest of the house. But before you jump into this project, there are five essential tips you’ll want to use. These will help ensure you get the exact look you’re after.

Choose the Wall Wisely

Did you know that there is a science to choosing which wall to designate as the accent wall? Rather than just walking into the room and randomly picking one wall, you need to find the natural focal point. The natural focal point could be the wall where a fireplace is, where a large picturesque window is located or even the wall behind your bed’s headboard.

Ensure the Materials and Colors You Pick Work with the Decor

Now unless you want to undertake an entire room renovation project, you want to be sure that the colors and materials you choose work with the existing decor. This is how you create flow and cohesion in the room and the whole house for that matter.

Don’t Be Afraid to Use a Different Material

An accent wall is truly a chance to be creative with design, so why not really step outside the box and play with different materials. There is no reason that an accent wall has to be plain drywall just like all the other walls in the room. You can make it pop by adding something like a thin stone veneer to give a natural and rustic look, tile, brick, shiplap, or even some sort of textured finish. Just by using a different material, it will automatically pop as your accent wall.

An Accent Wall Doesn’t Have to be a Bold Color

People often assume that picking a bold bright paint color is the definition of an accent wall. While you can certainly go this route and enjoy the results, an accent wall doesn’t have to translate to a bold color. In fact, soft neutral shades can work just as well on an accent wall.

Remember, this is a wall you will need to live with for at least a few years before you decide to change it again, so pick a color that you will be happy with and won’t get tired of in a few months.

Alternatively, you can place an artwork or a wall water feature instead of painting it with colors. Depending on how you style, it will definitely make the room look put together.

Ensure Furniture and Decor Placement Showcases the Accent Wall

The final tip is to let that accent wall shine. What this means is ensuring the décor and furniture placement in the room showcases the wall to its fullest potential. You don’t want to cover it all up – you want to highlight it and play off its features.

That Change the Room Needed

Creating an accent wall can be a fun and creative project that provides you with beautiful results.

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