5 Designer wallpapers to style up the living room, must try!


Are you looking for the right Interesting living room wall coverings? No worries! You are at the right place. Okay! Before moving forward, all those who think that wall coverings are old- fashioned and outdated, I am sorry to say,  you have mistaken yourself!

Wall coverings are one of the important features while redecorating or redesigning the home interiors. Now that I have told you the same, it is necessary to select the perfect and classic piece for your home. If you have the budget and you want something elegant, you can go for peel and stick wood planks.

Looking for the perfect fit for your room? Click here for the most iconic wall coverings that will perfectly blend in for the interiors. You will get a number of varieties, from a simple solid color to futuristic abstract print, all at one stop.

In this article, we will explore how to select and apply amazing living room wall coverings.

Let’s showcase the most exciting and attractive wall coverings for the living room according to the theme and space in the living room.

Now let’s see the different ideas, without wasting any time further!

Amazing Living Room Wall Covering Ideas!

Living rooms are normally the first space, where our guests are entertained. So, it becomes important that we make our living rooms, subtle, modern, and yet the most attractive space in our entire home.

So here we present you the five best wallpapers among hundreds of ideas available at your doorstep right from vintage to modern.

Redefining the Vintage Look

In this modern era, are you still wanting to retain the vintage look? Don’t worry, go with wavy orange and brown design as shown in the picture below.

This will take back your guests straight back to the ’70s when these retro themes were in a craze. You will revive the memories (if you have any) or create one, both are beneficial!

With the simple colors of the room and the perfect wooden furniture, your amazing living wall covering is ready to rock!

Go Nature friendly with the Floral print

Are you looking for peace? Or something that gives you peace! Welcoming nature featuring floral print is the best rescue. There are times when you want to feel calm and relaxed as soon as you enter the home.

Green is proved as the soothing color, not only for the mind but for your eyes too. Go green with your amazing living room wall covering and give it a perfect nature-friendly atmosphere.

Classy Modern Wall Covering Idea

Modern wall coverings are always a bliss. They are neither too loud, nor too simple, yet manage to blend nicely with whatever theme you have decided for your living room. This is the only reason modern living room wall coverings are my personal favorite.

You should go for a royal blue color with a geometric print for your living room, just like the one shown in the figure. As said above, it is not too loud or simple. The best part is you can style the surrounding aspects in whatever color theme you want them to and can be great as boys wallpaper as well.

Luxurious Twigs for your Living Room

Luxurious Twigs for your Living Room

Interiors always believe luxury is found in the simplicity with some shimmer. Use a wallpaper with a messy shimmery strip design on the plain wall, just as the one showcased in the picture.

I believe this is the perfect luxurious look, you can give with living room wall coverings. Simple yet elegant, what else do you want? Go with the Gold-plated, iron, or wooden furniture for your living room. This will give a perfect royal and rich look to the entire room.

Simple Yet Amazing Wall Covering

You should always opt for simplicity over worldly things for an easy lifestyle. The same is for the interiors, go for the minimal look with simple wall coverings, it isn’t necessary to go bold with the choices. The wallpaper shown in the image has a rustic effect but is looking simple and elegant.

The Conclusion on Wall Covering Ideas.

These are the five amazing living room wall coverings that you can adapt to apply to your living rooms. Make sure you select and consider all the essential aspects while choosing the wall coverings, right from style, color, taste, space availability, lighting, to furniture. Every single aspect makes a lot of difference and impact in the entire living room.

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