5 Cool things you should totally have in your Home

When buying things for your home, you typically have a clear understanding of which basics to get. You know; cookware, a coffee table, kitchen appliances, cleaning supplies, as well as a never-ending array of storage containers. However, if you are in the market for stuff that can make your day to day life easier, sometimes it pays to step out of the norm a little bit and think outside the box.

Thankfully, the marvels of online shopping never disappoint. Online shopping has made it possible to order just about anything and have it delivered to you with blistering swiftness. There are plenty of useless items available online that you should never entertain the idea of buying. However, there are also some really cool items whose usefulness and effectiveness might just surprise you

Just be careful to read the descriptions carefully; you might end up expecting one thing to arrive only for the wrong thing to be shipped. If you are looking to spice things up at home, here are 5 cool things you should totally have in your home:

The Himalayan salt lamp

The Himalayan salt lamp might be a hot buzz item right now, and it is completely understandable why.
Himalayan salt lamps come with a carved piece of mineral-rich Himalayan salt embedded within. The salt, which tends to have a soft pinkish color, is characterized by minerals such as zinc, potassium, and magnesium.

When lit, not only does the salt produce a warm, soothing glow but they also emit beneficial ions that alter the electrical charges of the air in your home. This in effect, makes the air a lot cleaner for breathing, which is great news for anyone that suffers from respiratory issues such as bronchitis and asthma. 

These salt lamps can be utilized at any point during the day. However, they are particularly handy after a long, stressful day. Replace your fluorescent lights with the Himalayan salt lamp and allow yourself to feel calm and relaxed before nodding off.

Cut-resistant gloves

If you often find yourself with bruised knuckles and cuts from slicing things, then you may need cut-resistant gloves more than you think. High-performance pairs of resistant gloves are designed using a mix of components including
high-grade molecular weight polyethylene, spandex, and glass fiber to make them durable and able to resist the sharpest cuts. 

These gloves are said to be four times as strong as leather, making them truly useful in preventing unnecessary cuts. These gloves have a snug fit, which will suit individuals with large and small-sized hands. Aside from being used when cutting, they can also be utilized when carrying out tasks that require accuracy such as oyster shucking or skinning.

With these gloves, you will never have to worry about items slipping from your hands. Remember to clean these gloves after each use as they are prone to absorbing moisture from food items when used heavily.

Meat shredder claws

Ever wanted perfectly shredded meat for your
sandwiches and wraps? Then these meat shredding claws will be a treat for you. Ask around and you will soon find out how much people love shredded meat. Unfortunately, before these shredding claws were made available, shredded meat was only available in restaurants; and it was quite pricey.

Sometimes referred to as wolf claws, bear claws or pork pullers, shredder claws not only make it easy to pull of shred your barbecued meats, but they also make it easy to lift large pots from the fire. Pork pullers can also be used for lifting hot roasts and grilling pans from the grill so that you can serve. Plus, they double up as excellent salad tossers. 

Most varieties of pork pullers are manufactured using nylon, plastic or stainless steel so you can have your pick of materials. Cheap, lightweight and functional, these claws are a must-have for meat lovers and barbecue maestros. As a bonus, you get to look and feel like Wolverine when you have them on.  And for more slippery food items like oysters, you can find find great tools for oyster shucking.

A homesick candle

Miss home? A homesick candle could be exactly what you need to feel transported to your old neighborhood right from the comfort of your home. Few things can remind you of the past like a scent. If you have recently moved or are suffering from some serious nostalgia, consider
purchasing a homesick candle that can help you conjure up memories of your favorite experience, state, city or even country.

Homesick candles are all white but they come with customized scents that represent all the 50 states, as well as cities and countries. Experiences such as the smell of grandma’s cookies can also be replicated with these candles. The candles are created using all-natural soy wax and also make excellent gifts for close friends or loved ones.

A toilet bowl night light

The bathroom can be a scary place to be when you are all alone at night, not just for children but adults as well. According to Kate Huber of
NJGamblingFun ‘’If you often have trouble falling asleep, the last thing you want to do is turn on a bright bathroom light, which makes it harder to fall back asleep’’. 

The toilet bowl night light can be easily attached to your toilet so that it detects motion and automatically turns on when you are in the bathroom. The night light can produce a range of soft glowy colors, which you can pick based on your needs and wants. The light remains on, for as long as 60 seconds, even after you have left the room. 

The night light can be installed easily- no screws or power tools needed. It is also easily rechargeable via USB.

Final Thoughts

Once you live in your home for a while, you quickly begin to think of interesting things that your household could use that never appeared on your shopping list before. Not only are these items above temptingly attention-grabbing, but they actually go a long way in helping to turn boring household chores into fun activities. Consider buying them, and thank us later.