5 Common Roofing Problems You Need to Repair Quickly


Your home could possibly be the biggest investment you make in your life. To keep it in top condition, home maintenance is essential. While some areas are easier to maintain than others, the roof is often neglected, simply because it’s not easy to see if something has gone wrong up there.

Roof repairs aren’t easy for every homeowner to do themselves. Calling in the experts is often the best and safest step to take, but how do you know it’s the right time to call one? Signs of a damaged roof may only start to show long after it has happened. By then you’ll be paying bills for other damage to your home as a result. Use our checklist below to help you notice problems quickly so that you can deal with them.

1. Storm Damage

If you suspect your roof has been damaged during a storm this is a very good reason to call in a roofing repair specialist like Air Force Roofing. Hail, wind and rain damage are some of the most common problems homeowners face when dealing with roofs. If you’re wanting to claim from insurance, the sooner you call in the experts, the more likely your claim will be granted.

2. Fallen Trees

If a tree has fallen onto your roof, it’s a good idea to get a roofing expert in to check for damage. It takes only a few tiles being broken for there to be a flood in your home the next time it rains. It may take a while for evidence of a leaking roof to be found. In the meantime, a buildup of moisture and water in your ceiling could be happening, causing more damage to the infrastructure of your home than you realize.

3. Blocked Gutters

Every homeowner knows gutters need to be cleaned on a regular basis. What you may not see though are areas where the gutter has cracked. If left unattended, your damaged gutters could lead to serious roof leaks. Not only will a roof inspection check for gutter problems but you can also be sure all repairs will be done if necessary, preventing unnecessary wear and tear.

4. Critters Camping In Your Roof

It’s surprising how much damage insects, birds and other creatures can cause to the roof. If you’re not aware of critter activity in your roof, you won’t be aware of the damage taking place either. If you do hear noise up in the roof, call in the experts. On inspection, they’ll be able to inform you if any roof repairs need to be done.

5. Incorrect Roof Installation

You may not be aware of incorrect roofing installation until it starts to leak. Common areas where there could be faults include chimneys, sky vents and cooling systems. The flashing used to seal these areas may be installed incorrectly and before you know it, you have a weak point in your roof. If not repaired, you’ll be faced with serious roof leaking problems.

Final Thoughts

Roofing specialists such as the Dublin roofing repairs experts are equipped to repair roofs professionally and efficiently. Wherever you are, make sure you call on the roofing experts in your area to carry out regular inspections. This way, you can be sure repair jobs will be done quickly before more damage sets in.

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