5 Careers to Naurture Your Passion for Home Development


Have you always been passionate about building your dream house? Did you have tens of dream home models growing up, each one better than the other? Did you also help your friends build their dream homes? If that sounds familiar, you might have a calling for helping people find their homes and you can make a career out of it. There are quite a few jobs that you can pursue that will nurture your talents. Here are 5 of the best ones:

1. Real Estate Agent

If helping people down the path to their dream house is what makes you happy, then you should become a professional realtor. You can take up a real estate course and learn all about the process of home finding and home buying and get certified. The social component of the job will keep you on your toes and you will be a house-home-buyer matchmaker. You will learn how to present each property to relay the connection to each client’s expectations. In fact, this is what makes the job extremely exciting every single day.

2. Interior Designer

If decorating your dream home was your favorite part of the process growing up, then you should consider a career in interior design. If you have a strong aesthetic sense and you enjoy helping others bring their ideal house scenarios to life, then this is a job you will enjoy. Interior decorators are responsible for creating a design for a house based on a client’s needs, preferences, and budget. You will need to use your artistic knowledge and your organization skills to coordinate wall, floor, and window developments and coverings to give a room a certain feel that the client described. If this sounds exhilarating to you, then interior design might be the right path for you.

3. Exterior Designer

Exterior designers specialize in the design and decoration of outdoor properties, such as gardens or parks. It is essentially designing with living materials. It requires artistic knowledge, as well as a thorough background in biology and botany. While it is a smaller niche of the design department, it is an extremely rewarding career. As an exterior designer, you get to build living things that grow into fairytale-like places. Finding the perfect plants to fit the environment and style of the location, as well as the client’s needs and preferences is certainly challenging, but it is a very exciting process leading to a green oasis.

4. Furniture Design

If the part that appeals most to you about home design is furniture, then you should pursue a career in furniture design. This is a technical career that requires a solid artistic side. It combines two very different skillets into a very exciting career. A furniture designer works with clients to create and develop furniture pieces that relay their needs and preferences according to their budgets. A special niche you can pursue in this department is furniture finishing, which entails working with antique furniture and restoring it to its original state.

5. Architect

Architects develop the home and building designs based on specific criteria set by clients, such as the number of rooms, the total square footage, the height, the style, the features. With these guidelines in mind, they can then pursue their own vision and artistic embodiment of these parameters. Each architect has a unique view on a project and it is precisely in this view where the mastery lies. After completing a project, the results are there for the long haul. This career path requires a lot of talent and a lot of dedication, but it is also one of the most rewarding ones you could pursue.

As you can see, there are plenty of amazing career paths that you can pursue in home finding and home development. Architects envision the grand design of a house, and then interior designers bring the interior to life down to the fine-tuning and the smallest details. They work closely with furniture designers to set the house up to perfection. Then, the exterior designers create living art by designing green fairytale-like gardens to complete the homes. Lastly, realtors can pair home buyers with their dream houses. Which part of this sounds best to you?

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