5 Best Tips On How To Hang Your Pictures Like A Pro


Different types of pictures have the potential of personalizing your room and making it look great.

In fact, they are so attractive and play a golden role in boosting the ambience of your space and creating a focal point.

However, hanging pictures isn’t just about hanging them anyhow but taking into consideration the height, position, picture levels and angle.

You need to correctly hang your pictures to come up with the great look.

So, we bring you some helpful tips to help you out.

Here are 5 best tips on how to hang your pictures like a pro;

  1. Use The Right Material

There are different types of walls and this must be put into consideration while hanging your pictures.

You must use the right materials to anchor your pictures on the wall.

Here’s the deal; use the right nail, drill bit, and anchor that’s specifically designed for your wall type.

The walls may be of mortar, brick or plasterboard and each calls for a different nail, drill bit and anchor.

  1. Make Proper Arrangement

Your pictures’ arrangement determines the success of the wall art.

If arranged well, they will be attractive to everyone who looks at them. But if they are poorly arranged, then your photos will be ignored.

Well, it’s better and creative to use the symmetry and asymmetry arrangement.

Moreover, your photo frames should be evenly spaced to prevent cramping of your pictures.

A tape measure can help you come up with a perfect picture arrangement by measuring the distance to leave after each picture.

  1. Hung Pictures At An Eye Level

Hanging pictures at an eye-level allows people to view them easily.

But it may be complicated as it depends on how you determine eye level. For example, short and tall people have different perceptions of eye level.

So, you have to estimate and use the average eye level most especially that of your visitors.

It doesn’t have to be precise, but average height for your wall art prints online pictures to be appreciated.

  1. Check Picture Size

Too heavy pictures can bring down your wall and cause the glass to break.

In fact, picture hangers are for lightweight frames that they can successfully handle.

But heavy pictures have to be hung using an anchor. This saves them from being pulled easily down off the wall.

  1. Consider Wall Size

You should also put into consideration your wall size before hanging a picture on it.

The picture size must match with the wall size. For example, a small picture doesn’t look great on a large and wide wall because a lot of wall space is left empty.

And a big picture also doesn’t look great on a small wall because it consumes all the space and ends up covering the wall décor.

Moreover, you can assemble picture groups to fill up any space left on the room.

Become A Pro At Picture Hanging

Get the best wall art prints online and hang them like a pro. This helps in boosting the look of your room or space.

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