5 Best Ontario Towns For Boating Enthusiasts


Are you ready? We were finally able to come up with the best Ontario towns for boating enthusiasts.

By the end of this article, you’ll have known all the best spots to take your friends and families on some of the most exciting boat adventures.

Honestly, finding the best boating spots in Ontario wasn’t that difficult. The province is already famous for some of the best waterfront sceneries in all of Canada. It’s like water-heaven.

Speaking of havens, click here to learn more about the available homes in Harbourview, one of Ontario’s top destinations for boating enthusiasts.

Well then, let’s get started.

Georgian Bay The 30,000 Islands

Can you imagine that? A town that offers up to thirty thousand islands for you to explore.

The Township of Georgian Bay is in Southern Ontario. It’s a relatively small town with a total population of around 2,499 (As of 2016). It’s more of a neighborhood-town for boating and water enthusiasts—You’ve got to be a big water-fan to be comfortable with being surrounded with all that water.

Georgian Bay is home to several waterfront communities you can join. Good examples include Cedar Nook, Crooked Bay, and the famous Honey Bay.

If you are an extreme boat enthusiast, then Honey Bay is the ideal community for you.

What makes Honey Bay so unique?

Honey Bay serves as the “gateway” through which you can access all the “30,000 islands” in Georgian Bay. In addition to that, the place is full of neat cottages. All social amenities and utilities are available in the city.

Have you seen the beaches in Georgian Bay? Their beauty is incomparable. We are sure you’ll appreciate docking and camping in one of the many parks available in the area.

The water in George Bay is also great for fishing. You’ll no longer have to deal with the boredom that sometimes hits when you are cruising on the water bodies.

Without a doubt, Georgian Bay is the best town for boat enthusiasts.

Toronto Lake Simcoe

Yes, Toronto, the heart of Ontario, is the second-best city for boating enthusiasts.

Despite being a busy and “modern” city, Toronto is still home to plenty of natural beauties. Did you know that Toronto has the most developed waterfront communities in all of Ontario?

Lake Simcoe should be your number one destination if you plan on living in Toronto. After all, it’s only an hour’s drive from Toronto. The lake offers an escape from the busy and stressful side of modern civilization.

It’s a treat for outdoor lovers. Also, it has plenty of parks you can relax in and connect with nature. The water there is clean and safe enough for water-related activities like swimming, kayaking, and fishing.

Ask any boater in Toronto, and he or she will tell just how precious the lake is. To many boaters, Lake Simcoe is a unique feature that links them to many other waterways.

Right next to the lake, you’ll find hundreds of cottages that cater to boaters.

We can only advise you to visit the place, meet, and exchange experiences with other boating enthusiasts in Toronto.

All in all, Lake Simcoe has a special place in the hearts of many boaters in Ontario.

North Bay Lake Nipissing

North Bay, home to Lake Nipissing, is the third best city for Ontario boaters. There is something special about Lake Nipissing.

Sure, it’s gorgeous. Nevertheless, the 800-kilometer lake seems to have a charm that makes you want to explore every inch of its water body. Most people tend to assume it’s among the “The Great Lakes.” Well, it’s not.

Not only does Lake Nipissing link with other impressive water features like the French River, but it’s also home to several islands waiting for you to explore them. Among the islands is the famous Manitou Island A must-visit for any boater.

Besides the lake, there are plenty of beaches in North Bay like the North Bay Marina, where you can sit back and relax as you enjoy the view. Oh, plus swimming, kayaking, and all other fun activities are allowed.

How is life in North Bay, Ontario?

The city itself is stunning. Just like Toronto, the city gives off both rural and urban vibes. Most of the people living there are high-spirited, energetic, and quite outgoing. Tourism is significant to the town. However, it’s not as flooded as the popular beach towns during the summers.

Housing in North Bay is quite affordable. It’s possible to get a nice house for as low as $250,000.

Note: The housing market is now strong because of the COVID-19 pandemic People are now moving to less populated cities and the suburbs.

Kenora The Lake Of The Woods

We thought we should also mention some diamonds in the rough.

Kenora is the perfect boating spot for those who prefer unrefined nature. It’s a place abundant with trees and water.

Speaking of trees and water, you should visit Lake Of The Woods You’ll never get bored. We’re talking about 100s of kilometers of shoreline touching over 14,000 islands.

However, take note of something. As mentioned earlier, Lake Of The Woods is unrefined and raw Don’t go there looking for fancy cottages. The area is for hardcore boaters who prefer taking nature by the horns.

Do you wish to spend some time alone in the wild waters? Then Lake Of The Woods should be your priority.

Yes, the lake is also great for fishing activities. Northern Pike, Muskie, Walleye, and Smallmouth Bass are some of the fish species you should expect to find.

Muskoka Heaven On Earth

Muskoka is just Muskoka. It’s among the few cities in the world that have their unique glow.

Indeed, even National Geographic recognized Muskoka as among the few cities in the whole world worth visiting during the summer. Some people even refer to the city as “The Hamptons of the North.”

We did some research and found that Muskoka can be a haven for boating enthusiasts.

Have you seen the Muskoka Lakes? If not, then you must be living under a rock. Go ahead and look them up Lake Joseph, Lake of Bays, and Lake Rosseau are sensational.

Have you already explored Muskoka City? No worries. Hope on the nearby Trent-Severn Waterway and continue with your adventure. There are plenty of steamships for those who don’t own personal boats.

Have you ever heard of the RMS Segwun? It’s the oldest working passenger steamship in all North America. It’s available in Muskoka.

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