5 Best Apple Watches


Looking at the best Apple Watches, the selection just keeps getting bigger and better each year. Newer releases with the latest tech also mean that previous Apple Watch versions become better choices in terms of affordability and value for money. Whether you are on a budget or looking for the next best thing, the following selection of the best Apple Watches has you covered.

Apple Watch Series 3

Since its release in 2017, the Apple Watch Series 3 has significantly become more affordable, especially with the releases and limited availability of the Apple Watches 4 and 5. The Apple Watch Series 3 comes in a 38mm or 42mm size and has two variants, one with onboard GPS and the other with cellular features like LTE.  The most significant upgrade of the Apple Watch 3 was a built-in dedicated cellular feature connection, which allows for receiving incoming calls and notifications from your iPhone. As expected, calls were excellent on the Apple Watch 3 despite its small form factor. The calls retain consistently high clarity throughout the speaker and microphone, making it great for effectively clear calls on the go. Regardless of the extra cost of the LTE variant, this version is best for those who can benefit from the added cellular feature. If not, then the GPS-only version is probably a better choice.  Additionally, there are plenty of Apple Watch Series 3 bands to choose from, allowing for some personalized styles and unique designs.

Apple Watch SE

Although the Apple Watch SE may not offer anything impressively new, this great-value smartwatch provides surprisingly high-quality features and reliably fast performance. Sporting a simple design, the Apple Watch SE is available in either a 40mm or 44mm size with that familiar and elegantly smooth appearance. Through the OLED technology, the high-resolution display is especially sharp and vibrant with clarity, making tasks like reading and general viewing an overall pleasant experience. The Apple Watch SE’s excellence lies in its general functionality in accordance with an iPhone. Through the seamlessly synced connection from the smartwatch to an iPhone, everything is shared and connected instantaneously, making it the best extension of a mobile phone for smartwatches. In essence, the Apple Watch SE may primarily provide the basics like a solid fitness tracker, good display, large memory, and loud-enough speaker, but it provides these basics incredibly well and exceptionally fast through its high-grade processor. If there is a smartwatch that offers the core basics at the highest quality, then the Apple Watch SE takes the top spot.

Apple Watch Series 7

Offering the latest and best smartwatch tech out there is the Apple Watch Series 7. As an upgrade from previous Apple Watch models, the Apple Watch 7 comes with the largest state-of-the-art display with specially rounded edges and a highly durable design. Due to the slim bezels, the screen space is bigger and allows more room for displaying data, making it easier to view content. The immersive Retina display is bright and vibrant with colors, and just as bright outdoors. Several durability features for resistance against water, dust, and cracks, ensure that the Apple Watch 7 is more than capable of just outputting powerful performance, but also built to last. Its robust health monitoring system includes an ECG app, blood oxygen tracker, heart rate tracker, and many more insightful data. Not only is the Apple Watch 7 built to perform and physically last longer, but it is also longer lasting in terms of battery, which comes with quicker charging by up to 33%. As the best-performing smartwatch with a full package of premium-quality features, the Apple Watch Series 7 seemingly outclasses its competition at the top.

Apple Watch Series 6

Despite the release of the Apple Watch 7, the Apple Watch 6 continues to be a premium-quality watch with just as much power and high-rated features as its successor. As an improvement from its predecessors, the Apple Watch Series 6 comes with a refined S6 chipset that outputs sufficient power for effectively handling any task. Through its efficient design and internals, the Apple Watch 6 notices a slight upgrade in the battery. The smartwatch even offers a wide range of color options including gold, blue, red, and classic space grey.

Apple Watch 5

If you prefer a slightly toned-down version of the Apple Watch Series 6, then the Apple Watch 5 is the perfect alternative. Although the Apple Watch 5 may not have the latest cool features and advanced qualities, it still sits far above average compared to most other smartwatches. The Apple Watch 5 is essentially the Apple 6, but without health-monitoring features like the blood oxygen tracking and a slight difference in display. Despite being an older variant, this smartwatch still includes some handy tools and features like GPS tracking, ECG tracking, heart rate monitoring, and many more.  Nonetheless, the Apple Watch 5 remains high functionality and general serviceability since it effectively fulfills its purpose as a smartwatch.


Given only a handful of Apple Watches to choose from, each option offers high-rated qualities and a great amount of versatility for most tasks related to health, fitness, travel, communication, productivity, time management, and general connectivity with the rest of the world. In essence, Apple Watches primarily excels at providing only the best and innovations that redefine the “smart” in a smartwatch.


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