5 Benefits to Look for Plumbers Insurance


Running any type of business always involves a certain level of risk. For example, a customer can file a lawsuit against your business, a robbery may take place, or a natural disaster can bring your operations to a standstill among other risks.

That’s the reason why it is important to have plumbers insurance. Just like any other professionals, plumbers expose themselves to a variety of risks in the course of their operations.

As such, plumbing insurance is designed to offer plumbers security against financial risks. It works almost the same way with health or car insurance.

Below are five benefits of having plumbers insurance:

1. It’s a legal requirement

The government often requires that businesses acquire general liability insurance to protect employees and the business against various risks. In some areas, you won’t be allowed to operate without getting such kind of insurance.

It will be difficult to perform your plumbing services in some parts of the country without certain types of insurance. Additionally, fulling the government’s legal requirement puts your business in an advantaged position compared to a business that doesn’t.

2. Financial security

One of the main purposes of insurance coverage is to protect businesses against unexpected financial losses. As a plumbing company, there are certain unforeseen events that can greatly affect your finances and operations.

For instance, an employee can get injured at work and decide to sue for damages. If you do not have general liability insurance, then your company is at risk of suffering heavy financial losses in terms of legal fees, medical bills, and settlement.

But with a plumber’s insurance cover, the insurance company will be the one to cover all the expenses associated with a lawsuit. This means that the business will still continue with its normal operations.

3. An insurance cover makes your business look credible

Other than financial protection and legal requirements insurance for plumbers helps in giving a business or company a credible look. Insurance is one of the factors that most clients look at when seeking plumbing services.

An insurance cover will give customers the impression that you know the risk that comes with your nature of operations. It will inspire trust in them knowing that their property and your employees will be protected in case of an accident.

4. It protects property and employees from damage and injury

There are different types of insurance covers for plumbers. They include workers’ compensation insurance, general liability, business interruption insurance, data breach insurance, property damage insurance among others.

Each of these insurance covers plays an important role in your plumbing business. Among the most important ones is general liability insurance. This cover ensures that employees and customers are protected from bodily harm that takes place in the course of your work.

The insurance company will cater for all medical bills and legal fees that are related to any activities of your business. As a result, the company will go on with its activities without any interruptions.

5. It helps in attracting and retaining employees

Having insurance is a way of shielding your business against unforeseen situations. It doesn’t necessarily mean that something bad will happen. It is just a way of preparing your business for any eventualities.

When existing and prospective employees realize that you have appropriate insurance covers, they will feel secure and desire to work with you for a long time. This means that you will have low employee turnover cases – hence strengthening your business.

6. Insurance helps bring more business

As mentioned earlier, having an insurance cover gives any business some level of credibility. Such credibility is very important when it comes to looking for clients.

There are customers who will ask you to show proof of an insurance policy before engaging further. If you don’t have one, then you are likely to lose that business.

7. Insurance promotes risk-sharing

Whenever a plumbing company is in a financial crisis, the insurance company will come to its rescue. For example, the business interruption policy covers the business from all manner of business interruptions such as political violence or acts of God.

Bottom line

There are numerous benefits that a plumbing business gets by having an insurance cover. However, it is always important to select coverage that suits your business needs.


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