5 Bathroom Remodeling Tips


Besides the kitchen, many homebuyers consider the bathroom before making a purchase decision. Bathroom remodeling increases your home’s value, mainly if you won’t sell your home. It also helps improve safety and fix plumbing issues. Remodeling also gives you a chance to replace old inefficient fixtures and pipes to curb water usage and save on utility bills.

New bathroom designs and items keep on emerging, and a remodel allows you to upgrade your outdated bathroom to a more modern one. If you notice mildew and mold growth, you may consider remodeling to make the bathroom mold-resistant while using easy-to-clean and maintain materials. Below are bathroom remodeling tips to consider.

1. Consider sliding shower doors

Sliding shower doors, also known as bypass shower doors that consist of two and sometimes three tempered plastic or glass panels. They save bathroom space by not requiring a door-swing area. Sliding shower doors also eliminate the need for shower curtains and also prevent water from spilling. They’re simple to clean and an affordable bathroom upgrade. Aside from this, installing a black shower curb is a perfect addition to your bathroom.

Since these doors are customizable, you can use them to add a sense of personal touch and style, making your bathroom stand out. Consider partnering with a reliable door supplier like Doors Plus for good-quality sliding shower doors.

2. Choose the right flooring

The wrong bathroom flooring may cause you to slip or fall. The ideal flooring should be hard enough to withstand rigorous daily use while ensuring safety. Some of the floorings to consider are luxury vinyl plank, sheet vinyl, vinyl tiles, ceramic and porcelain tile flooring.

3. Consider lighting

Decide whether you want more natural or artificial lighting. If you have pale or white walls, diffuse ceiling lights are a simple and effective way to light your bathroom. Well-designed vanity lighting eliminates shadows on faces, while a combination of LED recessed lighting with wall sconces enables you to use dimmer switches whenever the bathroom is too bright. Bathroom overhead and ambient lighting are essential considerations for your remodeling.

4. Include ventilation

Bathrooms are susceptible to dampness, and it gets worse in humid areas. If you have a tub and shower, your building code should include adequate ventilation. Excellent bathroom ventilation prevents mold growth and keeps you in good health. If left unattended for long, mold can stain and cause costly damage, especially in hidden areas. Although windows can make a good ventilation source, they may let in pollen and traffic pollution.

Relying on open windows for ventilation during winter may result in wasted energy. However, externally vented exhaust fans on the timer make an excellent ventilation solution for your bathroom. Consult your contractor to determine the right place for adequate airflow.

5. Consider adding a little luxury

When remodeling your bathroom, it may be an excellent time to add in a few extras for your comfort and make the space special. Although these additions may be pricey, the luxury they bring is worth every coin. Some additions to consider are a heated floor, heated towel rail, and wall-mounted features for extra storage space or a more open bathroom.


Bathrooms are a hot selling point, and their remodeling can increase your return on investment. Consider including the above tips in your next remodeling project.

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