4 Windshield Replacement Aftercare


The car windshield is a necessity when it comes to the driver’s safety and the vehicle’s structural integrity. It is quite common for the windshield to develop chips that can turn into huge cracks if left unrepaired.

Whenever the windshield is cracked because of sudden impact, it should be repaired or replaced entirely to avoid long-term damage. If you have had the car windshield replaced recently, you need to prioritize aftercare to get the best results.

4 Windshield Replacement Aftercare

Adhesives are used to hold windshield glass in place, therefore, it should be given sufficient time to create a strong seal. Once the windshield is repaired or replaced, follow some basic aftercare rules to maximize safety.

Avoid Driving Your Car Immediately After Windshield Replacement

To replace or repair chips, urethane as an adhesive is used to affix new windshields onto the car. Urethane requires some time to create a waterproof and strong seal. Curing duration varies depending on humidity, quality, and temperature.

It fluctuates from an hour to as long as 24 hours. In most cases, refrain from driving the car for at least one hour giving the adhesive sufficient time to set and dry. Hire windshield replacement ontario ca for quality work.

Do Not Remove the Retention Tape On Your Windshield

Some car repair services use retention tape to hold the new windshield in place. Technicians put the tape onto the adhesive during windshield installation to prevent debris, dirt, and other particles from getting stuck to the adhesive.

Many such elements not only alter the drying process but also weaken the windshield glass-to-frame connection. Since the tape does not look good, you may want to remove it right away.

Leave the retention tape on for a minimum of 24 hours to maximize the effectiveness of the adhesive.

Stay Away From High-Pressure Car Washes

The go-to cleaning options preferred by car owners are automatic car washes, high-pressure car washes, and power washers. These car washes use high-pressure jets and motor pumps to deeply clean the car.

If the sealant or adhesive has not yet dried, a high-pressure wash can damage the new molding and ruin its strength. This cleaning method may cause the windshield to crack or come off, therefore power washes must be avoided for at least 24 hours.

Regular hand washes with mild detergents will suffice if you are tempted to wash your cash. It may be a slow and laborious process but it will keep the new glass intact.

Leave The Car Windows Open

High internal pressure puts extra stress on the windshield causing it to crack. It could happen under several environmental conditions, however, the air pressure tends to build up inside the car, particularly during the hot weather.

After windshield installation, avoid parking the car under direct sunlight as high pressure may cause the adhesive seal to leak. Slightly roll down the car window to reduce air pressure giving the windshield molding time to set and dry.

In Summary

These aftercare tricks will keep the windshield in place without compromising the driver’s safety.  Maintaining the windshield replacement only requires a little bit of extra care and attention to protect the new glass.


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