4 Types of Door Locks for Your Home


Door locks are probably one of the most crucial securities of our homes and properties. It is the first form of protection that secures us from outside danger. Door locks are an essential part of your home sweet home.

When getting house insurance, the companies will ask the type of door locks you have at your home. Moreover, having a profound knowledge of different kinds of door locks for the home can help you choose the perfect one on your budget.

Types of Door Locks for Home

If you want to get door locks for home or business, then you would find different types of door locks available that a Serrurier La Louvière uses. Not all kinds are suitable for your home. Therefore, it is imperative to have a clear understanding of the type that is perfectly fit for your home such as a deadlock, padlock, etc..

Several types of door locks affect your budget as well. To get the best one out of limited finance, you should know the kind of door lock that is best for your safety, as well as the price you seek. People have very little knowledge of it. As a result, they end up choosing unsuitable ones for them.

This article looks into these issues and provides an understanding of 4 distinctive types of door locks.

5 Lever Mortice Deadlock

Here is a type of door lock suited for both front doors and back doors of your home. These locks are usually fitted with wooden doors, within the material of the door instead of on the surface.

One of the significant differences of this type of lock than other locks is that it is never used on uPVC and composite doors. Moreover, it can be opened from both inside and outside. And, as the name suggests, it has 05 levers.

The advantage of using this lock is that the 5-lever system makes it more secure. However, at times this lock is not tested against burglar techniques, which can cause theft issues for your home.

Multi-Point Locking System

It is also suited for both your front and back doors. Keys operate a multi-point lock system. It is usually locked into the door frame, with a 04 or 05-points multiple bolts engaged when locked.

This lock system is found on uPVC doors and composite entrance doors, as well as French and Patio doors. The benefit of this locking system is that it makes the door harder to open or close forcefully. Moreover, it requires only one cylinder to lock the full mechanism of the door, which is easy to change and upgrade.

However, there are some cons. The operation system of this lock is quite complex, which sometimes causes doors not to lock completely. In addition to this, the double locking system needs to be maintained. It can ensure that the door is locked entirely and adequately.

Rim Automatic Deadlatch with Key-locking Handle

This type of deadlatch lock is also known as night latches and Yale locks. A deadlatch is commonly attached to wooden and glass-paneled doors.

One of the most significant benefits of using this lock is that the moment you shut the door, it will automatically lockdown. So, as you can see, a deadlatch is very easy to operate and relatively safe as well.

On the other hand, it requires an additional lock to be fitted to your door. That is called a mortice lock. Even though it improves security, your cost will increase as well.

Euro Cylinder Lock

Euro cylinder locks can not only be used for front and back doors but also in internal doors. It is commonly attached to uPVC and composite doors. It has multi-point locking systems and can be fitted with deadlocks and sash locks on wooden or aluminum doors.

If this lock system can be fitted perfectly, it can provide a great security system. It can help prevent lock snapping, drilling, or picking. Besides, it is effortless to operate and can be changed or upgraded effortlessly.

You can also use a dedicated master key for the lock. Therefore, fewer keys are required for your property.

However, it is essential to make sure that a locksmith adequately fits the lock. Any issue there will cause in easy lock picking by thieves or burglars.


Door locks are really essential for a safe home. The owner must maintain complete security of the house doors by installing the perfect door locks suited for both front and back doors.

Among the different types of door locks for home, the ones mentioned above are best fitted for almost every door. So, one should make sure to pay full attention while choosing the door locks.

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