4 tools that tremendously reduce dog grooming difficulties


Grooming is at least somewhat demanding, even with a short-haired and not super active dog. It will take you a few hours almost every week to clean, brush, pick and groom them in other ways. Whilst sometimes dog grooming Waunakee can be fun

, more often than not, it’s a hard and mundane task to do. You could go to a dog salon, but they’re quite expensive, so doing everything by yourself is usually the much smarter move. You can do small things to make the difference, like you can get a stylish harness from dog harness designer. However, you should be aware that there are tools which make the entire process a lot less tedious, boring and hard. We compiled a list of 4 such tools, so you can be sure that each one is very capable of helping you!

Electric toothbrush

Tartar and other residue do accumulate on the dog’s teeth. It’s your job to clean it off. Proper dental hygiene is a key to a healthy dog. It’s important to brush their teeth regularly as they are one of the most important and significant parts of their body. Brushing the teeth for a dog isn’t all that hard (if the dog is compliant enough). However, using a finger brush is always necessary, so doing twice the manual labour is just not as easy as it could be. However, if you buy a finger toothbrush and an electric one, you get the job done the right way. You’ll remove all tartar and leftover food chunks as well as other debris that might be stuck.

Overall, electric toothbrushes for dogs are a great buy because they’re a solid long-term investment. Their cost varies from 20 all the way to 80 USD, so read reviews before buying.

Hair remover

Regular brushes or plucking the hairs out by pinching make this entire process too long. Besides, if you have a dog that has a long coat or a breed that’s known for shedding, you need something more capable, something more heavy-duty. And luckily, pet hair removers are just that. They act like brushes but there are sturdy pins at the end which pick up all of the hair and other leftover debris from the fabrics.

They can also be used on your dog to detangle locks. At the same time, your dog should be happy because the remover pleasantly scratches their bodies.

These hair removers aren’t expensive, too. One could set you back 20-40 USD but it does last for a while, so you should definitely consider buying one.

Dog nail grinder

Clippers aren’t meant for precision and careful nail trimming. Even though they get the job done, they aren’t all that safe. You are always exposed to the risk of cutting too much and clipping a nerve or a vessel. Besides, after using the clippers, what you’re left with is a rough and possibly uneven nail. You need to smoothen it out.

A grinder is an alternative that does the job for you. It’s safer, quicker and you don’t need to do two jobs. It smoothens the nail edges the way you want it to. The best dog nail grinder with light attachments won’t cost more than 40-60 USD, so you should definitely add them to your wishlist soon.

Shammy towel

A dog can benefit from having a dedicated towel in your home. First of all, it is just plain good hygiene, second of all, it helps out during/after bathing as well as when you wash them with just water. And there aren’t any better towels for dogs than shammy towels. These are practical, so you can wrap it around your pooch. They’re also usually made from a special blend of fibres which allows it to soak up enormous amounts of water.

The price is between 15 and 35 USD. It’s affordable and useful.



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