4 Tips to Boost the Longevity of Your Exterior Doors


While walking into your home, seeing a damaged or deteriorating external door can quickly spoil your mood; moreover, it lowers the value of your property, thus discouraging potential buys.

As a result, you need to ensure that it’s maintained in the best condition. While maintaining your property, you need to pay more attention to a specific area because of the wear and tear it tends to experience.

Your external door is the central part of your home that goes through much wear and tear because it is constantly being used. Constant wear and tear shortens the lifespan of your external door, exposing your house to numerous security issues such as burglary.

Therefore, you need to consider measures that would increase the longevity of your external door. Here are some tips that you should consider for your doors, to make your home the best home it can be.

Regularly Check the Hardware

It doesn’t matter what type of material you have used for the construction of your external door. You need to regularly check the hardware that you have used to ensure it is in perfect shape.

While doing so, ensure that your hinges are functioning smoothly. If your hinges aren’t operating smoothly, you should add a lubricant such as oil or grease.

Failure to add a lubricant means that your door will start sticking, making it difficult to operate it. Too much sticking could result in damaging the hinges, and eventually, it will shorten your door’s lifespan.

Apply a Fresh Layer of Paint

Exterior doors are primarily exposed to sunlight, causing it to fade. A faded door degrades the appearance of your home. Also, if fading continues to occur on your door, it might start to deteriorate, which means it can shorten its lifespan easily. In this case, you need to apply a fresh layer of paint on your external door to last for more years.

Ensure that you chose the right type of paint that would match the house. Applying paint to your door reduces the penetration of sunlight into it, especially if it is made of wood, thereby reducing the degree of damage it can cause. Additionally, moisture could cause major damage to your external door. Applying a paint prevents moisture from penetrating, especially as it is made of wood, which is highly affected by water.

Clean Your Doors Regularly

While cleaning your house, you are more likely to leave the door unattended. What you don’t know is that dirt is slowly accumulating on the door, which could damage it. Every time you are cleaning your house, ensure that you focus on the door too. Some days, you should focus on cleaning the door specifically. Regularly cleaning your door helps to remove the dirt which has accumulated and could cause damage to it.

Different types of doors require you to use various methods to clean. If your external door is made of wood, ensure that you wipe it using a soft cloth and oil soap. For the doors made from brass, the appropriate material that you need to use is brass clear. For glass doors, ensure that you use the appropriate glass cleaners to make them look sparkling.

Seek Professional Maintenance Services

At times, you may notice a minor problem and ignore it. In some cases, you may see these problems on your door and think that you can repair them independently. However, repairing your down on your own may not be effective. Performing a DIY could lead to a bigger problem that is difficult for you to handle.

Ensure that you seek professional maintenance service whenever you notice that your door has an issue that could damage it. You are guaranteed quality services from these experts since they have experience within the field. Ensure that you visit any reputable company where you can get this professional in to maintain your external door.

You need to ensure that your home is in the best condition for your family to live safely and to improve its market value. Conducting proper maintenance helps you enhance the appearance of the house. Failure to maintain your home in the best shape could force you to replace various parts, costly.

As for your external door, observe the tips described above to improve its lifetime and avoid the high cost of replacing the entire external door. By considering these tips, you are not only extending the life of your external door but amping up the look of your home in general.

Author: John Brinkster

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