4 Tips for Displaying Orgonite Crystals at Home

When we decorate our homes, we are often challenged with the way we do it — for instance, decorating your home with orgonite crystals. If you’re one of these people, this article is for you. 

Orgonite crystals do add a touch and vibe to your home. Not only that it looks naturally mysterious, but it has some healing properties as well. This is why some people are very particular in the manner and ways these orgonite crystals are being displayed at home. 

In this article, we will be giving you some tips on displaying these crystals that will make you love your home even more.

1. Hanging. 

Orgonite crystals are shaped and appear to be mystical. Some of them are iridescent. If you possess these kinds of orgonite crystals, hanging them up would be nice. Imagine seeing your treasured crystals in a seemingly floating position. What makes this even more beautiful is that when orgonite crystals are hung in locations where natural light comes in, it illuminates colorful streaks around the room. 

2. Bowls. 

If you want your crystals to be displayed in a more free and casual manner, you could opt to store them in an aesthetic or rustic bowl. This type of display is perfect for orgonite jewelry because it’s minimalist, chic, and practical. Placing orgonite crystals in a bowl depicts a less strict display and can actually illuminate crystals in a much more colorful way. If you have a nice mix of rings and bracelets with orgonite stones, simply putting them in a bowl makes it look like part of your decoration.

3. You can opt for a display box. 

If you want to display your orgonite crystals in a way that will make others see that they’re very valuable, expensive, and worthy of looking at, display boxes are a way to go. Just like going to museums, having your crystals displayed and stored through display boxes makes you achieve that goal. Others would be in awe upon seeing that crystal. Also, storing your crystals in display boxes is a security measure because it protects your crystal from falling off the ground. 

4. Putting them on pedestals. 

A pedestal is a geometric vertical bar at a certain height. If you have enormous crystals, displaying them on a pedestal and putting them on a particular portion of the room is best. What makes this type of orgonite crystal display is that it exudes supremacy. It’s something that will make your crystals the highlight of the house. Choose a pedestal of darker tones so that the iridescence of the orgonite crystals is better illuminated. 

Final Words

Displaying your orgonite crystals do take some time and a little bit of your creativity. It also needs some considerations, such as safety and visual positioning. Nevertheless, you need to make sure that your crystals are displayed in a way that will make you love your home so much better than before. Follow the tips above and see which one enables you to achieve it.