4 Things to Consider When Looking for an Asbestos Inspection Company


Accidental inhalation of asbestos can pose a lot of health risk. You might end up suffering from several diseases, mostly lung-related, once you are exposed to asbestos. If you think that your house is filled with such substance, it’s better if you let the experts handle the inspection. You can learn more about how to Prevent Asbestos In Brisbane straight from the experts here.

We can’t stress this enough. When you’re planning to have your house checked, it’s paramount that you choose only the qualified and legitimate company to inspect your house for asbestos. Keep in mind that you’re dealing with microscopic fibres with potentially dangerous effects.

To help you weed out your options, below are some insights and tips on how to choose the right men for the job. We also laid out some red flags to watch out for, so you can totally differentiate a bad inspection company from the good ones. If you need assistance on asbestos audit brisbane, we highly recommend you click the given link.

Keep an Eye on Companies That Employ Retired Builders

Hope you don’t get us wrong with this one. We recognize the craftsmanship and hard work of all builders out there, whether retired or still active. It’s just that asbestos inspection is a whole different story compared to the construction industry. Keep in mind that knowledge of buildings and tools is not equivalent to the expertise in management of asbestos risk. So seeing retired builders in the roster that will inspect your house is not a good sign

In addition, former builders, especially the old ones, tend to be less compliant to safety protocols and regulations. If an asbestos company sends retired builders to inspect an obviously health-related issue, then it’s a red flag.

Unless they’ve undergone formal training and have certification to prove it, having former builders look at your house for asbestos risk is already a risk in itself.

Look for a Legit Inspector

Legitimate asbestos inspection companies are certainly your best bet when it comes to checking the asbestos risk at your house.

Steer clear of asbestos removal companies that introduce themselves as an inspection company. Hiring them will only create a huge conflict of interest. There’s a possibility of the reports being biased to ultimately favor their removal business.

To avoid hiring such posers, you can investigate the company yourself by simply looking up their company name at WorkSafe’s website. With a few clicks, you’ll know whether they have an asbestos removal license. If they do, then don’t fall prey to their enticing offers.

You can also check their past reports. A typical asbestos inspection report from qualified companies like the Greenlight Services is at least 30 pages long. If the reports of others fail to achieve this length, it’s not a good sign.

Large Companies are not Automatically Good

Hate to break it to you but the size of a company is not an absolute indication of their reputation. No matter how small or big an organization is, you still need to check if their employees are professionally trained. Ask the inspectors if they have licenses and at least five years of experience in the industry. If they tick off these boxes, you can list them as one of your options.

Visit Their Website

Legitimate companies love to show off their accreditations and awards on their website. These types of recognition legitimize the asbestos inspection business even more. So go visit the website and check the credentials of that company you’re considering.

It’s also better if you look for a company that specializes only in asbestos. Not those jacks of all trades who offer a huge range of service, from asbestos inspection, to pest and termite inspection and removal. Although there’s nothing really wrong with that, it’s just that you’re better off with a company that focuses their resources and knowledge in perfecting their craft.

Choosing a company to inspect your house may sound daunting and tedious but trust us, these steps are all worth it. After all, your whole family’s safety and health is at stake here. So you can’t afford to underestimate this important task.

So if you suspect any asbestos material present in your home, leave it to the real experts like Greenlight Services.


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