4 Smartest And Safe Ways of Dealing With Your Old Electronics


Are you wondering about what to do with your old electronics? No doubt, everyone loves electronics. You enjoy watching movies on your TV playing it from DVD inside a player. Also, you got a new smartphone with updated features. You changed a computer/laptop to a modern one that has super processing speed. You are happy about this step.

But here is the headache: you do not know where to take the old electronics. Unlike clothes or books, you can’t throw them on garbage boxes for a known reason. The electronics combines both precious and toxic element. So, they pose a risk to humans.

Should you keep them in your house? The answer is no. here are 4 smartest and safe ways of dealing with your old electronics:

Sell them to second-hand dealers

While you consider your electronics as old, someone would need them. You can convert those old electronics into cash. Many websites and mobile apps such as Gazelle, eBay, and others can help you to sell out your used electronics. Here, you can sell your old smartphones, TVs, watches, laptops, and others.

As well, you can consider dealing with customers directly through platforms such as Craigslist. Also, consider using a price comparison platform like Flipsy to ensure you get a nice deal. So, you do not have to create an electronic garage at your home.

Donate the electronics

Many people around the world cannot afford to buy electronics. Whether it is a smartphone or used printer, it can be useful for someone elsewhere. So, you can find a local donation center near your area. Donating your electronics is not only a sign of generosity, but also it will come with some benefits. One of these benefits is tax relief. You will enjoy a tax write-off for every electronic you donate.

As such, make your old electronics useful to other people by donating them to charity and non-profit organizations near you. Always ensure you get a receipt for your donated electronics so that you can deduct the amount when filing your tax returns.

Consider recycling them

Sometimes, your electronics might be beyond selling or donation. Recycling your old electronics is the best idea. This aspect will not only help get rid of old electronics, but it is also a perfect way to conserve the environment. You’ll avoid fill landfills and putting the lives of fellow citizens at risk.

To recycle your old electronics, you can consult e-waste management companies such as R3eWaste Electronics Recycling. Also, many leading electronic brands organic e-waste collection events. You can attend these events and dispose of your used electronics.

So, do not keep those damaged and old electronics. If the electronics are not suitable for selling or donating, you should consider handing them over to recyclers and e-waste management companies.

Opt for trade-in

Are you planning to upgrade your home electronics? If so, you should consider a trade-in. Trade-in involves taking your electronics to their manufacturer in exchange for modern ones. This aspect enables you to get a better deal for new electronics.

Some leading electronic brands like Apple allow you to exchange your electronics with the latest model. This process will enable you to get an offer on your new electronics starting from $75, depending on its age. As well, you can opt to exchange them for gift cards in platforms such as Amazon trade-in.

Wrapping Up

As you can see, you’ve several ways of dealing with your old electronics. You can turn them into cash by offering them on the old items selling platforms. If you have a generous heart, you can donate them to a charity organization near you.

Alternatively, you can opt for trade-in with your brand or offer them to the recyclers. So, no need to fill the landfills with hazardous e-waste materials. Rather, dispose the old electronics through one of the above ways.

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